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Super Ultra Hyper Doom 3 (for the next-gen)?

Angry the Clown

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Quite possibly says Carmack:


"One idea we've been sort of tossing around that is just a random idea is possibly doing some kind of super edition of the Doom 3 stuff for the PS3.


"It's something that we'd kind of like to do," Carmack told US magazine Game Informer.





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What little I've played of Doom 3, I liked. But I hope they don't start getting too far into the puzzle solving/storyline thing with Doom.

Doom is Doom.... just walking around ripping ordinance into big fat hairy demons and having a blast when they pop out of nowhere scaring the shite out of you.


I don't want to worry about talking to other marines and rescuing scientists.


Maybe they'll get the Rock for voiceovers? LOL :drool

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