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Our new puppy

General Zot

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Just thought this was a real tale (tail?) of karma that some would enjoy.


About three months ago, our 2nd dog (Busta) died. She had epilepsy and seizures from about 12-18 months on, usually minor. When she was 4 for some reason they escalated quickly into grand mal seizures and she never recovered. In about a week she went from very healthy to essentially paralyzed and unable to stand. We had to put her down July 5th and it was very rough explaining it to our 2 and 4 yr old boys.


My wife wanted to get another dog quickly, I just couldn't bring myself to it yet. Seemed wrong to run out and just get a new dog, and I have to admit there was a certain amount of grieving for me. So we went back and forth on this and although I knew we would get a new dog (our 1st dog is not very kid friendly, and the kid's 'nice' dog was gone), I just couldn't pull the trigger on a new puppy.


Then hurricane Katrina hit and the result of that we all know too well. We had heard that there were many misplaced dogs and cats from the gulf area, this last week the first of them made their way to Denver. So we took the kids down on Friday night and looked at the dogs to see if any were a match. There were a few that looked promising, but there was one dog (isn't there always one dog?) that was just so friendly, happy, and strong even in the kennel. Even after the hurricane, the flooding, living on the street, living in a kennel in La, Houston, then Denver. Even after all that a happy and friendly little dog named aptly Katrina. She's a Dobie/German Shepard mix, very good looking (all the markings of a dobie in the coloring/face, but a little stockier from the shepard with shepard tail/ears), about 5 months old.


So we showed up Sat morning (the first day for adoption of gulf animals) and stood outside an hour before the shelter opened. Not only was Katrina available, but a news crews had shown up to cover the local story and they decided to make Katrina their poster dog (which was nice because the shelter basically hand-waved a bunch of normal procedures to get that dog adopted to us ASAP for publicity. ;) )


The head of the shelter told us after we had adopted her that Katrina had lived in New Orleans and that it was confirmed that both her owners had perished in the hurricane/flooding. She had scroungened the streets of N.O. for a time and was eventually saved and taken to Houston, then Denver when Rita threatened last week. The lady was so happy that someone had adopted Katrina as the pup had had a really tough time of it so far and was such a happy and nice dog, even through all the hardships.


She is definitely a handful so far, as any puppy is, but I'm amazed at what a good dog she is despite what she has gone through. If anyone of us are half as strong as people in a tragedy as this dog we would be damn lucky. She isn't even emanciated or ill looking, and she is super playful and nice (to the kids especially.)


Anyway, kind of a nice story. We were incredibly bummed out when Busta died, but it's funny how that stuff can turn around into something positive. If it wasn't for that, we would have never had the inclination or space to take in Katrina from the hurricane.


I can try to put up pictures later. So far just been trying to keep up with our own personal cat. 5 puppy!





PS - We have a strong suspicion she was surviving off of stray cats in N.O. Let's just say she took a VERY keen interest in our two plump housecats right off the bat and she has been watched closely ever since. She definitely knew what to do with them too, it wasn't a clumsy fumble biting type thing - it was straight to the throat. After that first day she is settling down on the cats, but we're not leaving them alone in the house anytime soon :D

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