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Call of Duty 2 demo today.

Romier S

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Hmm, I'm sure it's a total coincidence that they're releasing this demo the exact same hour[/b'] that Day of Defeat: Source goes live. :D


I was a huge fan of Day Of Defeat when it first came out..Havn't played it in awhile... Now that the new version is coming out.. I will def be getting back into it.

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Yeah, absolutely a must buy for me at the 360 launch. It's just as intense, and chaotically insane as the first game. These guys just know how to make a fantastic experience out of a genre (the WWII game) that has been absolutely done to death. Mighty damn impressive if you ask me. Oh, and it also looks looks wonderful. Runs very nicely on my aging 9800pro too.:tu

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Just played the demo. I wasn't a huge fan of the original game but the demo to the sequal shows some promise. The AI seems improved. I saw many an AI person react to my actions in ways they haven't before. Also there seems to be mutliple paths to engage the enemy this time around. This was one of my main gripes with the first game. It felt very linear basically leading you, the gamer, down a path of scripted events. It felt like you had training wheels on and were just along for the ride. The sequal shows they are at least trying to allow the gamer some freedom which is a welcome addition. Also you cannot deny the production value on display here. I was playing the game @ 1152x648 with full AA on my HT and it looks and sounds great. Definately feel like you are in a WWII movie. Anywho the demo did enough to make me want to play the full game. I'll be getting the PC version and passing on the 360 one. It ran great on my P4 3.0gig/1gig ram/ATi 9800 pro system so the decision is pretty easy for me.

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Well the main appeal of this game for me was MP, but so far I'm not really pleased. My multiplayer impressions so far are:

  • Mounted MG's never overheat or stop in any way (seriously, what the hell were they thinking with this?)
  • 1/3 of the MP maps are reused from CoD/UO
  • No goddamn running
  • Can't change firing modes
  • Jumping is retarded
  • Fall damage seems very lenient
  • No large levels/drivable vehicles
  • No Base Assault or Domination

I really wanted to love this game too. :( Hopefully I'll get used to the changes, but it really feels like they've gone backwards from what they had with CoD+UO, in hopes that they can squeeze some more money out of people by just adding these things back in with an inevitable expansion.


They also appear to have reused this texture from the original CoD Dawnville all over the place for the MP maps. It may not seem like much but to me it sticks out like a sore thumb as an indicator of the kind of effort they put into doing new things for MP.




On the bright side, the single-player so far is quite enjoyable.

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