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LOTR Return of the King and more online.

Romier S

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Big Playstation 2 online-EA news gentleman. For you Lord of the Rings fans, The Return of the King game from EA will now support online cooperative play exclusively on the Playstation 2. The next Medal of Honor game (Rising Sun) as well The Sims Bustin Out will all support various online multi-player modes along with VOICE CHAT functionality.


I dont know about you folks but The Lord of the Rings Return of the King, online co-operative play with voice chat? Hell consider my name already signed.


LOTR details:


According to EA Games, LOTR: The Return of the King will offer two-player cooperative online play in the whole of the game's 15 levels, and players will be able to find pairs, either automatically or through buddy lists, and chat via the game lobby's EA Messenger instant messaging system. There will be nine playable characters (three unlockable), and players can choose to begin cooperative play at any level that has been unlocked in the single-player mode



Here is the article:


EA Online

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Oooh. With SOCOM, is the online PS2 abilities limitied to specific regions ie. US Gamers can only play US ones, or can people from all over the world play? Be nice if everyone can play these. They're certainly two interesting titles that may see me get into the PS2s online services, but it's useless if I cant play my friends from LCVG. :)


A curse on the whole EA/X-Box Live situation though.



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According to both a US Sony rep & the U.K. Playstation site, you should have no problem in most PS2 games playing with people from across the "pond" :)


To stay on topic:

I wasn't thinking about getting this on the PS2. But with the online news - I'll be giving this some serious consideration to buying it now.

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