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Most Important NextGen Console Features


What NextGen console feature is the most important  

  1. 1. What NextGen console feature is the most important

    • Graphics Superiority
    • Robust Online Service
    • Home Theater Features (HDTV, Widescreen, DD5.1)
    • Exclusive Titles (Mario, GTA, Halo)
    • Backwards Compatibility
    • Brand (Nintendo, Sony, Microsoft)

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I'm sure you all have an idea now of what you value in a game console. What is the key to your pocketbook?


I believe that all consoles will do well in just about all the categories above. So I will have a special place in my heart for which ever console has the best home theater features. Please let the nextGen consoles natively support 1080i like Xbox supports 480p. Is that too much to ask?

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Well, to be honest - I'd be happy with just having a bunch of Great Quality games for those systems.


I do hope that whatever comes our way will support both online & HT features. Honestly, with the earliest console coming possibly in 2005 - & the switchover to HDTV in 2006 -I don't see how they wouldn't support it...

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Crickets Crickets Crickets - I'm along in my beliefs.


Well, I figure all the nextgen systems will have improved graphics, online service, and great games. But I DON'T have faith that any of them will have the home theater features I desire... which is why that stands out for me.


Perhaps I should head back to HTF and preach the choir.

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