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Temple of Elemental Evil ships early.

Romier S

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Well, I've played around with this for a few hours this morning and so far I'm liking it. Part of the reason is that I love turn based combat, and I also very much enjoy the D&D universe. The combat is a lot of fun, the graphics are pretty nice, and the character creation is fun.


There do seem to be some bugs though. I've crashed to the desktop a couple of times and had one system lock up in the brief time I've played. I've also read some people are having some serious problems with the copy protection for this game. Overall things don't seem quite as polished as they could.


On the whole though, I think I'm going to enjoy the game. Has anyone else picked it up?

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Sure have Sam. Played for a few hours last night. No crashes here and no install problems, however I know many are experiencing the problems and Ive run into a few bugs myself. For instance, I cannot believe that the devs at Troika implemented the identify spell the way they did in this game. (not a bug but still silly!)

For those not in the know when you identify an item in the game all it pretty much does is tell you the item name. Its tells you NOTHING about the stats of the item or even a desription of what said item does. :evil: . I know what a Radiant Longsword of what Mountain Cat armor does as I've been playing D&D for along time (yes Im a dork and I happily admit it) but to the novice gamer, well good luck and I suggest going and buying an item guide cause your going to need it.


There are a few threads on the issue at the official forums and I can verify that this is indeed the implementation in game:


Identify problems


Besides that wonky issue the combat is superb. A D&D'ers wet dream. Ever last option you can imagine is in there. Though the game is a dungeon crawl, combat wise this is the game Pools of Radiance 2 Ruins of Myth Drannor should have been. Graphics and performance are really nice on my system and the story and roleplaying aspects are really very engaging. Polish is the only thing missing here as Sam noted. Ill post more as I continue on...

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I like RPG's and Troika, but I dislike the D&D thing. How strong is the game on its own?


If you are not a hardcore D&D fan I would say the chances are low in you enjoying the game Jay. It really is a game made specifically for D&D fans. Unlike the Baldurs Gate games Troika's adventure in no way tries to mask its complexity or create a system that is easy or intuitive for a novice to get into (mind you this one of the reasons the Baldurs Gate games were so good (and successful).)


For the D&D fans (like me) these issues are minor since there is already a good familiarity (though the identify problem still irks me). For the novice, all the dice rolls happen in the background sure (though you can display every last statistic and for once this is something that is actually needed for you to determine how effective your party is) but you need to be familiar with how saving throws and attribute modifiers etc.. work to get a good handle on the combat. I do believe you could "fudge" it in the opening portion of the game but once the more difficult battles begin you will have your butt handed to you.


The manual is required reading and when playing the game and I literally have a D&D guide book or two sitting next to me for reference (item stats etc). Summary? Its a great game and has one hell of a combat system that D&D fans will completely eat up but newcomers will find it very difficult to get into.

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Originally posted by dogbert@Sep 25 2003, 05:04 PM

Definitely not for me then :) Anyone want to swap something for an unopened TOEE? :)

I have some broken XBL headsets.


Actually, I don't mind the difficulty, but I'm bored with sword-and-sandal genre and really don't like D&D's system. With no other points of interest, I suppose I'll give this one a pass until it hits the bargain bin.



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Sorry, boss


No apologies needed. Hell we might as well get the youngins started early ;)


Whooter, how about ya throw in a Zima for the other boss so he doesn't feel left out





Onto the game however, so far Ive beaten the moathouse and have moved onto the Temple. The combat engine here is just DEEP and I'm loving it. Though I've always been a big fan of the Baldurs Gate/Icewind/Planescape engine this is a refreshing chang of pace for a D&D nut like me.


For the hell of it I've recently started replaying Baldurs Gate II and its quite a contrast. I will say that story and production wise BG has TOEE beat, but man the turn based battles in TOEE are really just super strategic and enjoyable!

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