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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life

Angry the Clown

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I've just been reading up on this game here at IGN and it seems rather fascinating in that Animal Crossing kind of way (there are some nice stills and videos at the IGN link). You've got to manage your own farm daily, planting things, growing things, feeding the animals.... shooting trespassers.... Well, maybe not the latter.


It extends further into having to mix with the locals in the town, and IGN claims even dating and marriage comes into it at some point.


It does seem annoyingly cute and strangely appealing I must admit. :)



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Dan, I'm pretty sure dating and marriage does come in at some point. Harvest Moon's been around as a series for a rather long time (since the SNES days, unless I'm not mistaken) and I'm fairly certain the later incarnations at least do involve a dating sim style aspect as well.


Multiplayer with competing farms would be nice though ;).

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