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Some glorious Dead Man's Hand screenshots.

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All images from Games Radar (UK). Follow the link for the above pics, and nice early level design layout and character model shots.


The game, with it's Live support and all, seemed to be winning a lot of fans at E3. It's nice to see it's shaping up good visualy too. You're crazy if you don't love a good western..... and a good western fps sounds great to me.



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+ The wild west theme

+ Xbox Live support

+ Built from the ground up for Xbox

+ People getting hung(see screenshot 1)

+ Cool name

- Uses Unreal Technology

- The Developer, Human Head, has been silent for a LONG time

- Rune was a fairly boring game

- Did I mention it uses Unreal Technology

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Alright but if the character's weapons include a cannonball launcher or handheld gatling guns or tesla weapons it looses credibility. The last thing I want to see is this under-used setting turned into a Will Smith movie.

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Here's to hoping they do the Live aspect up proper - Especially since a great multiplayer template is already out, Wolfenstein.


Bank robbery, cattle rustling, Cowboys vs. Indians, etc would make good objective/team play scenarios.


I'm excited about this one.

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I met someone this weekend who's been working on this title. After talking with her I'm pretty interested in seeing the final product. It just sounds like a fun title and will be a nice change from the military and sci-fi themes of most FPS's on the market right now.

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Ha, I suck too, no worries. I haven't played it in almost a year I don't think. But I'd be down for a tourney. I just need enough lead time so I can pop over to Wal-Mart and grab one of their copies since my old copy was a lender that is now un-lent :P.

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Dumb question, but why is the Unreal engine bad? IIRC, Splinter Cell looks and plays great using a modified Unreal engine.


Or is the fear that it will play like the horrible Unreal XBL title?




Well I should say that going from Carmack's code to Sweeny's code is like going from a nice dinner at Olive Garden to eating spagetti o's at home.

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