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My wife  was eyeing up the Humblewood minis at the game store and i just should have bought them then. Thanks for the reminder. Christmas is now sorted.

Picked up my Antman as well last week and have a pair of modified toploaders coming for him and Wasp. I've also been plowing through the assembly for crisis protocol and am close to caught up with what I own. They may not be painted but at least I can play once we get to a point where the Thursday night games can start up again.

Some friends have started playing Battletech again and I see the late backer just reopened on that. Very tempting to get some giant stompy robot action in.


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Cats and s(h)elfies are why the internet exists. Here's both.   When we're playing, Cairo likes to jump up there and sit behind the DM screen and watch. And plot. If we really let him DM, th

Continuing my mission to play everything ever, according to my wife...   And I've come to enjoy blinging out the games damn near as much as playing them.   Anachrony is an amazing

The room is coming together...

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Well this is interesting:


November 16, 2020 

Atomic Mass Games Takes Its First Steps Into The Star Wars Miniatures Games Galaxy 

Development of Star Wars X-Wing, Star Wars Armada, and Star Wars Legion Moving from Fantasy Flight Games to Asmodee’s Miniatures Games-Focused Studio

That doesn't leave much Disney IP with FFG.

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Marvel Champions has been my first LCG. I can see how these things become a problem. Between monthly releases and Etsy, it can get out of hand pretty damn quick.

I can only imagine how this will be when they start producing decks for heroes and villains I actually give a damn about...




Been playing this solo game, too. Everything Lost is a very small production run (200 copies) zombie apocalypse survival game out of the Netherlands that uses a very clever action card system. It drips with theme and each of four chapters in the campaign plays in about 45 minutes.




If you have a chance to play Pax Pamir, especially the 2nd edition, you should. If you like contentious multi-player tableau-builders with many opportunities to flip the board, it'll be up your alley. The designer, Cole Wehrle of Root fame, took a lot of time to include painstaking historical detail. Things like the zero sum nature of the economy of the time (19th century Afganistan) is reflected in the economy of the game. I enjoy reading the factoids about the historical figures as much as I like using them to assassinate a character in a rival player's court. Neat stuff!




And for more family fun, Calico is a cat-themed game that plays like trying to solve about 7 different puzzles at one time. It's easy to learn, difficult to master. The only interaction is possibly taking a tile from the market that someone else might want - so it's a great game if you want to keep it PG.




Also played a bit of Smartphone KS Edition which feels like a more simple Food Chain Magnate. But, unlike FCM, it isn't murder on the eyes.




And I introduced Raiders of the North Sea to the in-laws. We played with all the expansions and a great time was had by all. Side note: The official neoprene mat is the most vibrant neoprene play surface of any I've seen, period. It's on sale right now in the Garphill store if you're interested.




One of our favorite genres is whodunnits. We're going through the base game of Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game and after finishing the base cases in Detective: City of Angels we've started the first expansion Bullets Over Hollywood, with the expansion that just came out, Smoke and Mirrors, waiting on the shelf. 






And now, dear reader, you are pretty much caught up.

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@Rainmaykrlol yeah I have everything for marvel champions.I got a used hobby lobby artist box, and printed out those dividers myself. I also got better tokens from daydream gaming on Etsy.


From last night until next Monday I am busy with a ton of DND. Both weekly games are back on schedule, Sunday I am playing in a charity game being DM’d by Ron from The Dungeon Run, and also new DND book day today.




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Looking for some other recommendations for my (soon to be 9 year old) son.  Things that have worked well so far: Exploding Kittens has been appreciated because it's silly (and easy to learn), and King of Tokyo went over well too.  I like trying to get at least one new board game at Christmas, but not sure what to try.  Theme is important to him, so if there's something Gaming skinned, Marvel, or maybe Star Wars, then that might be a winner. 

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8 minutes ago, Mark E said:

Looks like that deal has gone, d’oh!

not in the U.S store https://smile.amazon.com/Dungeons-Dragons-Essentials-Kit-Boxed/dp/0786966831/ref=sr_1_2?crid=RRUNM0JG0IP7&dchild=1&keywords=essentials+dnd&qid=1606304720&sprefix=Essentials+dnd%2Caps%2C146&sr=8-2


A bunch of books are buy 2 get 1 free now as well.

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Kingdom Death 1.6 dropped for Black Friday, so I held out as long as I could. RIP my self respect.


Also, for anyone interested in Too Many Bones, all the promos are up. This is the only time of the year there are available so you might want to check them out. If I may, the Gearloc Child is a neat addition, based on the Mandalorian, it introduces a lootable child that can help you in fights. Looks adorable and adds to the fun. It won't be available until next year if you miss this window.

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Just a quick update on our Gloomhaven monster hit-point discussion.  My group decided to keep things in meat space (as opposed to the admittedly sweet-looking app) so we all chipped in on the following bases:





il_340x270.2584267411_i255.jpg?version=0  image.png.fa2f017af9c02c9060b7e7c96ea2d6e1.png


The gold/elite bases for whatever reason needed some breaking in (about 30 minutes for the batch) but after that my group has been thrilled with how much easier it is to survey the board and see HP (blood drops on top add 10 or 20), debuffs, indicators for flying and summoned (no loot drop) monsters.  It seems ludicrous in a way to spend any more than a few dollars for something like this, but when we did the math on how many hours we are likely to spend with this game (and the upcoming expansion!) it seemed like a no-brainer. Would highly recommend.


We're running a Jaws of the Lion campaign with a subset of the group in addition to the main game.  I'm playing The Hatchet and have been putting my Favourite token into one of the 'hat' token holders and can just drop that easily on top of monsters.  So easy, helps the other guys at the table know I've sort of called dibs on a mob too since I have some cards that help me finish off a mob if they have my favourite axe embedded in their flesh :)



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