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Cats and s(h)elfies are why the internet exists. Here's both.   When we're playing, Cairo likes to jump up there and sit behind the DM screen and watch. And plot. If we really let him DM, th

Continuing my mission to play everything ever, according to my wife...   And I've come to enjoy blinging out the games damn near as much as playing them.   Anachrony is an amazing

The room is coming together...

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4 hours ago, Rainmaykr said:

Brian, I see Cleopatra made it through the first round. Have you checked out the remake? We played it a bit just last night and they dug it.



I found it has a niche expanding Ticket to Ride with gorgeous table presence. Couldn't get my kids interested lol. Didn't see enough different to back the ks.

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It has been a looooong dry spell of gaming for us. Fiancé and I are both working regular work days and the overlay of pandemic impositions on our workplace plus commute and restrictions has us wiped.


To combat this, we forced ourselves to set up a game night of Forgotten Waters this Saturday. We’re going to get the rules hammered out tonight and figure out our streaming set-up, but I’m looking forward to actual human contact beyond the two of us for a bit.

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So, we ended up playing Forgotten Waters for five hours yesterday, the whole of the first scenario.


It took a lot of effort getting the set-up down, but once we did it was smooth sailing, pardon the expression.


It’s a goofy lark with a sense of fun very reminiscent of Monkey Island, while still doing its own thing. There are some astoundingly good jokes and running gags in the first scenario alone.

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I've been trying to broaden playing opportunities in the pandemic, and I find TTS and the like to be lifeless, cumbersome experiences, so I put together a streaming setup. Watched a few streaming channels to cop their moves and the product came out surprisingly good. Even installed a little color-keyed area to display detail shots of game bits and cards so people can see them up close and study them.


It works really well for games with no hidden hands and everything's public. But some of these game boards push 1080p to its breaking point. Can't do 4K right now and don't even want to try!


...Maybe that will change.





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