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Game playing habits


How much free time do you spend gaming?  

  1. 1. How much free time do you spend gaming?

    • I spend most of my free time gaming, consistently
    • I will game for long periods of time, but then take a few days off
    • I will game for long periods of time, and then I won't for equally long periods
    • I typically go for long periods without gaming, and then play a lot over a shorter time
    • I only game on occasion, spend most of my free time doing other stuff
    • No particular pattern, I just game when I feel like it

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The motivation for this poll is to see if my habits are common or uncommon compared to other gamers.


My typical mode is to really get into gaming intensely for several weeks (which is what I call a 'long period' in the poll - say 2 or more weeks), and then take roughly 2 weeks off, hardly gaming at all. It's not clock-like, there's some variation on both ends, but I find that after playing consistently for a while, I need to do something else (usually work on music), and then come back to gaming.


It was tough trying to come up with questions that covered the bases, I hope I covered enough.

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There's so many exciting games coming out, that I WISH I could find more time to play games. I typically go all week with only minimal game playing. Ocassionaly I'll go from 10:p.m - midnight during the middle of the week, but then I'm feeling it at work the next day.


Usually it's the weekends for me, but ONLY if my wife decides to go to bed early.


We forbid our kids from playing during the school week, so when I DO play on weekend days, it's usually something they want to play.

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The closes I could find for my situation is the long periods of gaming followed by equally long periods of inactivity.


I have an agreement with my wife that during weekdays anything after 10:00 PM is my time, and I typically use this for gaming. Weekends are free so long as we aren't doing anything else and my attention is not required elsewhere.

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