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So now I have the Playstation 2 and 2 controllers


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One of my co-workers came up to me on Thursday night and asked me if I was interested in buying a Playstation 2. I told him maybe and asked exactly what he had for sale. Apparently, this was for a friend of his, who needed some cash really quick, and this deal included a used PS2, two controllers, a standard S-Video cable, and extension cable for the controller cords and five games for a total of $165. The games included Tony Hawk 3, SSX Tricky, Onimusha, Cabela's Big Game Hunter, and Dark Cloud. Knowing that a used PS2 alone goes for $150 at Gamestop, I took him up on the offer and decided to trade in the games I didn't want for store credit.


To be honest, I traded in all of the games since I really wasn't interested in playing any of them (with the exception of Tony Hawk 3, which I would rather own for the Xbox anyway). Don't think for a moment that I'm saying that these are bad games. Looking around at various reviews on the Net, it appears as though this guy had very good taste in games. However, his taste and mine are very different. So off to the used games store you go!


At any rate, I find myself now with a Playstation 2 at my disposal and only one game to play, Contra: Shattered Soldier. Let me tell you, this game is a gift to all fans of old-school 2-D shooters. I am in heaven playing this thing, especially since I keep dying all the time.


Anyway, I now find myself posting the obligatory, "What else is good for the Playstation 2?" thread. I have a strong leaning towards platformers, action/adventure games, and arcade style racers (that means not Gran Turismo 3 for this gamer). I'm this close to getting Jak and Dexter and Ratchet and Clank. Since I know Romier reads these boards I'll just save him the trouble of recommending Rez, since I know that will be at the top of his list. :)


Are there any other suggestions on where to get started? Keep in mind that I'm more likely to buy cross-platform games for the Xbox and GameCube. I'm interested in the PS2 exclusives here. Thanks for the input!

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Congrats on the PS2!


The Devil May Cry series is superb. If you like those you can also pick up Chaos Legion, though I've been told it's doesn't do anything DMC already did.


Shinobi isn't bad if you like difficult games that require lots of precision jumping.


Final Fantasy X would be a terrific title to pick up now, especially at the Greatest Hits price point. It'll help get you psyched up for FFX-2 and FFXI.


Dot hack is another PS2 exclusive worthy of mention. Same goes for the Dynasty Warriors series (though you can now get DW4 for the 'box).


Most of the Greatest Hits titles are safe bets.


There's plenty more, but it's early in the morning and my mind hasn't warmed up yet. :D

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Rez :lmfao:


Ico also gets a good second recommendation.


Seriously, Im somewhat into Light gun games as well and I'd recomment fingins a copy of Vampire Night which is exceptional, as is Time Crisis 2. Silpheed is an old school style 2D shooter that is quite fun and can be had for only 19 bucks in most places anymore.


Devil May Cry is a great recommendation for all out action and if you want something inique in the that genre I'd recommend Mark of Kri as well. Shinobi I rather enjoyed but it appeals to vertain tastes. A bit repetitive but if a challenge is what you want that games got it.


I see you've already found the glory that is Contra Shattered Soldier:) so I'll leave that one out. Though I would be remiss to not mention Zone of the Enders Second Runner as being a damn fine shooter and impressive as hell looking. It can be found for 29.99 these days and its got quality gameplay written all over it.


Might I also recommend Silent Hill 3 as one of the pinnacles of survival horror. Also happens to be one of the finest looking PS2 games out there. On that same note you can also look for Clock Tower 3. Less known to the world but very enjoyable.


Another big recommendation goes to Amplitude which is just loads of fun and must own if you are into music games. Its definitely a test of skill for any gamer.


In the fighting department Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution goes without saying. The best fighting game out there period. Also now that it is a greatest Tekken 4 may be worth a look.


For the RPG fan in you I cannot recommend Dark Cloud 2 enough (you dont need to have played the first). Also the very cinematic heavy but still endearing Xenosaga is worth purchasing (thankfully you can pause and skp cinematics at will). I think that about covers the major ones Ive enjoyed over the years.

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Thanks for all of the suggestions, guys. I do appreciate it.


Originally posted by FutureVoid:

Might I also recommend Silent Hill 3 as one of the pinnacles of survival horror. Also happens to be one of the finest looking PS2 games out there. On that same note you can also look for Clock Tower 3. Less known to the world but very enjoyable.


I just realized now that I didn't mention that I purchased Silent Hill 3 yesterday in addition to Contra. I've only played a little bit of it so far, but I think it looks like it will be quite a fun and disturbing game to play. I think I will take this one on first and take it from there. I suspect Ratchet and Clank or Jak and Dexter will be my next purchases at this point, unless I can find Rez first. :)

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I'd like to second Romier's suggestion of Zone of the Enders: The Second Runner. It is one of the few PS2 games that I held onto when I got my XBox (along with the Almighty Devil May Cry)


ZOE2 is a fantastic, flying, shooting, Mech battling good time.


Jeff, you'll love Jak and Daxter and Ratchet & Clank if you're into platformers, and keep a look out for Jak2 this holiday season.

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