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Any good trade-in / trade-up deals for XBOX 360 stuff?

Chris The Rock

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Yesterday I went to my local Rhino Video Games (love that place!) and traded in all my stuff. Part of me wanted to eBay all of it, but I thought that maybe 1/2 the people in the world would be doing the same thing.


I made out pretty well. I sold my PS2, some extra accessories, and quite a few games. I ended up with almost $400 in trade-in, and used part of it to buy Madden and Tiger Woods 360. I still have about $250 in store credit.


On Tuesday, they're having a sale on accessories, and I'm hoping to pick up a wireless adapter, if they get any.


I traded in some games I'm going to miss, but I'm kidding myself if I think I'd ever take the time to play them.


Now ebgames better come through and deliver my 360 on Tuesday. (I paid for one-day shipping.) My in-laws are coming for a week on Tuesday evening, and I really hope to get some quality time in before they arrive.

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