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Ok... Should I get SOCOM?

The Daisy

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With the new Xbox Live chat function, not many of us are even using the Sony headset, which needs a button-press and has a time-limit for speaking.


For now at least. It remains to be seen how voice is supported in SOCOM 2. If they do it right (xbox style) there will be no need to do the Xbox dashboard chat.


The original headset that came with Socom is nowhere near as nice as the Logitech one that is curently available (it's somewht fragile actually), and the Sony one coming out in November looks very similar to the Logitech. The original is functional and at $40 with SOCOM costs as much as the Logitech headset by itself. I believe the Sony will be priced somewhat similarily to the Logitech, but will add a mute and volume control. I'm probably going to get the Logitech headset (velvet earcushion) and keep my original one as a spare.


SOCOM is somewhat novel in the fact you can give voice commands to your squad using the headset, and I would not think of playing the single player game without it. I only played a few of the missions in single player though, since online is where it's at with this game, even if cheating is relatively rampant. As far as online, you would definately need it to play with the unwashed masses, where as we are all using the Xbox chatroom feature for the time being. But, as a good deal of us who are playing SOCOM again are going to be beta testing 2, I wouldn't expect to see many of us online much longer in the original.


It all comes down to personal preference. I would have replaced my headset some time ago had there been another option available when we were playing SOCOM alot. Then again, you might not like the bigger over the ear style headsets that are coming out and prefer the little on the ear style of the original. All comes down to personal preference.

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