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Ridge Racer 6 (360) Discussion


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I know a few people on LCVG are Ridge Racer addicts like myself. Just wondering who else is picking it up for launch. 1up gave it a 8.5 and said its the best ridge racer yet. They just wish you can customize your cars more like other race games.


I just got my copy of RR6 and the back of the box says online multiplayer supports 2-14 which is the most for any 360 launch racing game. Also has spectator mode, and will have DL content in the future.

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I'm interested in it, but worried that it doesn't have enough new content over the PSP version. Also, vids of it looked a bit "last gen". I'll probably get it after a price drop.


The PSP version was the first RR I've played, and honestly I was bored to tears by it. Aside from the pretty graphics, which wear off after a few hours of play, the game is just so repetitive it hurts.

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I'm trying to decide between this game and PDZ, for those that have it what do you think? Worth getting over PDZ?


I really like RR6, it's got a very stable 60FPS framerate, some great looking visuals, and is just an all around great arcade racer. Even if you own PGR3, I feel RR6 is a great compliment to it for any racing fan.


Now, if you want a FPS, that all depends if you plan on playing it on Live? If not and you want a FPS I recommend CoD2 over PD0, if you do plan on playing on Live, than PD0 would be my FPS of choice.

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I have RR6 sitting here unopened. I probably should have opened RR6 before PGR3, as arcade racers have always been more suited to my skill set (turning abilities) but I really wanted to see the graphics in PGR3.


If enough of us have it and schedule some live play, I'll crack it open, otherwise, I'll return it and put more time into PGR3 and wait until Burnout Revenge gets released for the 360.

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I've mentioned it elsewhere, but in the unlikely event of us having a UK member who actually owns a 360, the US release is not region-locked, and will run on PAL machines.


Which is nice, because EA (who have Euro distribution rights) held it back until the new year here.

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