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Nintendo DS for $99 soon?

The Daisy

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I have a feeling this might be a typo because the micro is $99.99. Maybe they just posted the wrong price. The price just went down on the DS at the end of August. Seems like if they were going to do a holiday price drop it would have been before thanksgiving. Also it would immediately make the mario kart bundle a horrible deal unless you were just fixated on getting a red ds. I'd like this to be true. I just have a hard time believing it.

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Not to thread crap, but I don't see Gamestop doing this on their own.... The Micro now has a $10 instant rebate to make it $89.99. That $10 has to come from somewhere 'cause I'd be shocked if Gamestop were actually taking a hit. So this may very well be a new price on the DS. Guess we'll find out soon.

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If you didn't get the flyer, you should be able to go to Cheapassgamer and get a copy of the scanned ad and try and take that to your local Target and see if they will price match it. Apparently they've changed the price on the online version of the ad now, so it has become a YMMV deal in Target stores. Best Buy and Circuit City on the other hand should match the ad without any questions... should....



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I just dropped by a Target here informing them that I knew about the sales flyer. She said, "There was a price match at corporate, but we are honoring the price if you have the flyer with you. Just dont tell any of your friends."


I'll try to download the flyer from cheapassgamer. Thanks for the tip!

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