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Possibly volatile thread...but I gotta vent!


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Getting to it...


I have had ENOUGH of this FUCKING shit going on over in the Middle East, and especially Iraq.


Was just reading CNN and saw the news about the Sunni Tribal Leader, his three sons, and son in law being gunned down in their home.


Then another story about yet another suicide car bombing killing 18 people.


Another American soldier killed by a roadside bomb....etc.


It's like this Bush, either push that fucking red button next to your bed and end it all over there right now, or back us all out of there and let them just fucking kill themselves and be done with it.


This shit just stresses me out to no end. And to think, I voted for this idiot.

And now we're stuck in this mess, and the rest of the world hates us even more than before.


Is there ANY light at the end of this bleak fucking tunnel?


Yes as a matter of fact there is!







thank you all for bearing the brunt of my venting, but i just needed to spill it, and maybe hear from anyone who has a similar viewpoint, or a better idea....

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