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I'm thankful for ... (games)

Robot Monkey

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Kinda a companion to this thread: What are you thankful for (in the gaming realm)?


I thankful for (in the gaming realm):


* Civilization 4. I've barely played it, but it gives me a warm fuzzy, just knowing that it's sitting on my hard drive, waiting for my caress.


* TeamSpeak. When the planets align and I jump on a PC game, I love the fact that I can talk to people instead of fumbling with the keyboard.


* Technology and the free market. I remember when two thousand dollars was the cost of a nice gaming rig in the PC world. Nowadays it can be well under a grand.


* LCVG. Whether it's advice on games, funny pictures or people who are sometimes willing to put up with me, this site delivers.

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Im thankfull for LCVG as well, but on the gaming side


1- Xbox 360 of course as Microsoft gave me exactly what i wanted

2- Perfect Dark Zero online co-op, well PDO period

3-DOA Ultimate Friday Nights because getting my butt kicked in a game has never been so much fun

4- Did I mention 360?

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My 2005 gaming thankful list:


*First person shooters (Half-Life 2, F.E.A.R., Riddick)

*Racing simulations (GT Legends, GTR, rFactor)

*Gaming in "hi def" on my HDTV in 5.1 surround sound via my HTPC (who needs a 360)

*My MOMO force feedback wheel ;)

*Hi speed cable internet

*Wireless keyboard/mouse

*Split screen Burnout: Revenge with my friends on the ol' Xbox (hey I mentioned a console game!)

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- Having a good broadband connection. When I first got on Live my connection was crap. I tried the only other option in my area and fortunately it works great for me. Makes all the difference in the world for online gaming (which I'm addicted to), and good up/down speeds can be so convenient.


- Wei Bey (dude I played hundreds and hundreds of hours of Splinter Cell versus mode and Halo 2 with). I'm not sure I'd even like him in real life (he can be a bit of an ass :)), but I sure love playing on Live with him.


- The Logitech MX 518 mouse. On-the-fly sensitivity adjustment rocks my world.

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I'm thankful for the fact that Nintendo continues to chart its own path and develop hardware that focuses on new and inventive ways to play games rather than just make them prettier.


I'm thankful that Sucker Punch Studios has yet to make a bad game.


I'm thankful that the crappy heavy metal music from Prince of Persia: Warrior Within has been done away with and replaced with something far more in tune with the score from The Sands of Time.


Speaking of which, I'm thankful for every note of music in Shadow of the Colossus.


I'm thankful that my friend bought a PC powerful enough to play Half-Life 2.


I'm thankful that Resident Evil 4 surpassed my lofty expectations.


I'm thankful that I didn't break any Xbox controllers beating Ninja Gaiden on Very Hard.


I'm thankful that the Donkey Konga bongo drums are good for more than just music games.


I'm thankful that Hideo Kojima has given me the most compelling reason to spend whatever amount of money it takes to obtain a Playstation 3.


I'm thankful that eventually I will get to play The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.


I'm thankful that when I evenutally get an Xbox 360, there will be enough good games available on it to keep me busy for a while.


I'm thankful that there are enough good games still available on the GameCube, Xbox, and PS2 to keep me busy until I get an Xbox 360.

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Thankful for


Dragon Quest 8 - Finally a PS2 DQ game. What a great RPG.

Civilization 4 - except for the Mongols. DAMN those Mongols. KHHHAAAAANNNN!


Battle for Middle Earth: despite terrible multiplayer balance since the last patch I've gotten more hours of multiplayer out of this than anything else this year


Wireless Controllers - yay! My new Logitech PS2 ones ($12 refurbs) are very spiffy


Logitech MX1000 cordless mouse - no annoying cord pulling at the mouse throwing me off


Saitek Eclipse Keyboard - glowy backlit joy. No light needed. Bette contrast ratio for games-playing with no lights needed


Cheap 19" CRT: computer gaming is so much better at 1280x960 19" than it was on a 15" at 800x600. :D

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