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PSP $199 Friday and Saturday


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This has to be one of the best Black Friday deals this year. Meijer has the PSP for $199 on Friday and Saturday. For you folks that have a Meijer's near by and need a PSP, this would be the time to try and get one. Meijer also has the videogames for Buy one get one at 60% off. They did this last year and it was on all titles, not the ones just shown in the add.



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Didn't want to start a new thread so I thought I'd post my black friday purchases here. Picked up 2 copies of Destroy All Humans PS2 for my son and nephew ($20ea), Ultimate Spider-Man PS2 and X-Men Legends 2 PS2 ($30ea) for my son and Mario Golf (regular PC price) for my nephew. Picked up a bunch of toys at TRU for my 1yo daughter and I rewarded myself with a bunch of DVDs for getting up so damn early. Shark Tale ($4), Meet The Parents ($6), Meet The Fockers ($6), How The Grinch Stole Christmas ($4) and 2-disc Polar Express (regular price). All widescreen, of course. ;) Used a $15 BB coupon to help offset the regular priced PE. With the XB360 and all the games/accessories I picked up this week, my BB reward zone card has been getting alot of love but unfortunately, so has my credit card. Oh well.

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