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Miyamoto's... Pac-Man?

Mark E

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Found this off the IGN site, not sure if it's going to get published or not or if it's just a tech demo, but I could see this being worth something at a bargain price.


Apparently Miyamoto et al were fiddling with the GameCube/GBA connectivity and they developed a note-perfect conversion of Pac-Man for the GBA. Ho-hum, no? Well, the way the game works, one player connects to the Cube with their GBA and has the typical Pac-Man viewpoint to gobble dots.


The other three players are hooked into the Cube regular, and they play three of the ghosts, but are limited to a 3D viewpoint and not the whole map. Their goal is to hunt down Pac-Man as played by the other player.


I hope this goes beyond demo and actually gets published, as it sounds like it could be a helluva lot of fun with four peoples :).

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Quick update on this one, as it's going to be on display at the ECTS as one of the games in Nintendo's truck. I'm hoping we'll finally see some screens of this in action. With a low price point this could really be a multi-player cult hit. Definitely one of the future titles I'm most interested in.

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Now if I could just find some friends...

Exactly! While this game looks like it might be fun with four people playing, otherwise it's just a (probably inferior--if the remakes of Frogger, Defender, Centipede et al are any indication, though Miyamoto's input is intriguing) update of a game that just didn't need it.


Pharm, your original post makes it seem this is a GBA game, isn't it actually a GC title?

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Yep, you're right, Adam it's a GC title with GBA required for play. I'm not sure where I came up with that, to tell you the truth, it's probably a mis-reading on my part. It's definitely a GC title.


The thing is though, it's not really an update of Pac-Man, so much as it is a multi-player reimagining of the original. None of that quest crap ;). That's my take on it right now, though we'll get the bigger picture soon enough I'm sure.


I guess I'm lucky, as I have a ready crew of four from my board game nights who are also avid video gamers. There's no worry here for me, at least for now. Of course it remains to be seen how the game plays, but it sounds conceptually intriguing.

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