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Actor Pat Morita passes away

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Two things Mr. Miyagi taught me:


1. "Must learn walk, then learn fly. Nature rule, Daniel-san, no Miyagi rule."


2. Daniel: "You never got beat up."

Miyagi: "Got beat up plenty."

Daniel: "But you knew Karate!"

Miyagi: "Someone always know more."


Besides the wisdom I got from my own dad, these two quotes have given me great guidance.


May God rest his soul.




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I was listening to Bill Conti's Karate Kid Score literally the day before he died and mentioned to a friend that I must finally get round to picking up the dvds and put my videos out to pasture. Those moments of (almost) prescience always creep me out a bit.


George Best dying too, quite sad. I would imagine a lot of the members here wouldn't know him. but he needed a mention at the very least. He'd be the equivilent of a Ted Williams/Joe DiMaggio in stature over in the UK.


And they normally come in threes... :(

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