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Rate your 360

Bruce B

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I think the only people that regret the 360 are the people with the heat/ disc error problems. Going over many boards i havent seen a bad comment about the system for a reason other then those


I give it a 10. Not just for the games and hardware, but the Software implimentation is definatly a work of genious

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I give it a 1, until I get it back. I finally got the "box" yesterday and promptly sent it back the same day. It is going to be delivered within an hour. They promise I will get it back in 3 to 5 days. The wait is killing me. The funny thing is that I don't even video game as much as I want this thing back. I play maybe 3 days a week (usually only a couple hours a day). I bet once I get it back I won't sleep due to trying to catch up with you guys.



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I'll give it a 9.5 Microsoft listened closely to gamers and got nearly everything right. The Xbox guide and blades are wonderful and Live is very well intergrated with everything you do, well done!


The graphics and sound are good, but well only get even better later on :tu


I take .5 off for when you go into the guide and scroll down and eject the disc from the tray, you still have to get off the couch to change a disc, maybe that's in the next gen:lmfao



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I'd give it a 9, but I can't dance to it.


I absolutely love the Gamercards and the integration with the interface. Being able to send a voice message to my friends while they're in another game is a thing of beauty.


I'm completely in love with Hexic, as you can see by my Gamercard... and the fact that I'm on top of all three leaderboards for LCVG, as of last night.


I wish there would have been a bit more variety in launch titles, but that's not a real complaint... just a wish. :)



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Since I dont have one of my own yet I will rate my stepsons. I give the hardware a solid 9. Watching him playing COD2 I have been awestruck. As far as the software at release I give it a 4. Just a couple of top notch titles while the rest were obviously rushed. If Madden was stellar and I saw a baseball game on the horizon I would own one, but until I see that I'm sticking with Battlefield 2 on the old clunky xbox.

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