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GR:IT download map available.


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AWESOME! I can't wait to get home and download the new level.


My hopes for the RS3 demo disk though are not very high... I went into two different GameStop stores today and neither one knew anything about the disk. In fact, the first guy was like "yeah I've got it here somewhere hold on..." and after like 5 minutes he says "it's not in here with the rest of our PC demos, but I think you can download it from their site for free." Apparently, it's not even on the GameStop radar yet...


If anybody here gets it, please post where you got it asap... thanks!

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I look forward to checking it out tonight! I can see it now - Jason will be scoping out the open areas while he sends the grunts in for the close combat...




Add: Just saw this post on the UbiSoft forum:



The Ghost Recon Island Thunder content includes four brand new maps:


Aurora - A barren nighttime desert scenario with campfires and a walled compound. You have to prevent friendly troops from being ambushed

Riverbed - Desert canyons are separated by a dried-up river and road with a useless bridge. You have to neutralize and enemy stronghold

Roadblock - An intersection with an old fortress and hospital is littered with debris. You help man the roadblock and fight off attacking rebels.

Tank - A narrow road with bridges that cross canyons a river. You help escort a supply convoy.

The new maps for both games were likely intended to be downloadable content at some point, but using the popularity of Ghost Recon:Island Thunder and Splinter Cell to leverage early sales of Rainbow Six 3 makes plenty of sense if you're Ubi Soft. Plus the company gets to show off its spiffy new logo sooner rather than later.



Just sharing, not verifying accuracy!

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The EB clerk knew nothing about it either. :x He said there was nothing in the system and nothing scheduled for delivery. But did mention that they aren't notified of all incoming demo disc they get. I'll check back with him later today. I guess it wouldn't make much of difference if I did find the disc. If its this hard to come by most people wouldn't be able to play it anyways.

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I saw that 9/22 date on one of Ubisoft's websites as well, but ebworld.com still says "ships 9/16". I called my local EB and the guy said he has already taken pre-orders ON THE DEMO DISC (!) and it will be in tomorrow morning. He claims to have enough for the pre-orders plus a few extra. He didn't know anything about it coming free with an RS3 pre-order though, only as a purchase for $9.99.

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James was right about the map - it is a big one! The western portion of the Refinery map looks like a hybrid of Train Depot and Ghost Town. As I worked my way around to the east side I was impressed with the variety of tactics that seem to be available here. You can fight in the refinery itself - over and under pipelines, around buildings and through fences; or you can snipe it out in the desert surrounding the refinery. I think playing Siege on this map will be alot of fun.

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Seige on the new map is a blast. I played for a while last night and was impressed with the number of different strategies that you could use with it. The desert and mountain-like terrain were good for long range sniping and the inside of the refinery provided for some nice stealthy close quarters games (just like you said).


I'm definitely looking forward to some more games this week.

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OK, so FYI, I've figured out what the new GR:IT downloads that are availabe (#4 and 5) are. One is the mission for the Train Depot map, and the other is various co-op modes (defend, firefight, recon?) for the team multiplayer maps(marketplace, island village, etc.).

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