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DVD Roundup 11/27-12/3


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Mr & Mrs. Smith Low Price

Buy Above and get one of the following for $4.99

  • Last of the Mohicans
  • Behind Enemy Lines
  • True Lies
  • Say Anything
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Moulin Rogue

Family Guy Vol 3 Low Price

Chronicles of Narnia $24.99

Muppet Movie $14.99

Save $6 instantly when you buy any 2 Muppet movies

Deuce Bigalow European Gogolo Low Price

Crank Yankers Uncensored S2 $17.99

Sky High $17.99 w free movie ticket for Chronicle of Narnia

March of the Penguins Low Price

Robots $17.99

CSI S5 $54.99

War of the Worlds $19.99

Polar Express $19.99

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory $19.99


2 for $20

Its a Wonderfull Life


Eight Crazy Nights

How the Grinch Stole Christmas -Live action

How the Grinch Stole Christmas - Animated

Mickeys Christmas Carol

Mickey Twice a Christmas

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation 2

Jingle all the Way

Scooby Doo Christmas

Santa Clause

Santa Clause 2

Nightmare Before Christmas

Miracle on 34th street



Mr & Mrs. Smith Low Price

Family Guy Vol 3 Low Price

Deuce Bigalow European Gogolo $19.99

Sky High Low Price

March of the Penguins Low Price

CSI S5 $59.99

MurderBall $13.99

Empire $19.99

War of the Worlds $19.99

Polar Express $19.99

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory $19.99

Friends S10 $27.99

March of the Peguins $16.99

Jurassic Park Collection or Mummy Collection $19.99 w/ Free Kong Ticket

SW:ROTS $19.99

Madagascar $19.99

Seinfeld S5 $39.99

Seinfeld S6 $39.99

Stealth $19.99

Honeymooners $19.99

Constantine $7.99

Troy $7.99

Aviator $7.99

Million Dollar Baby $7.99

Oceans Twelve $7.99

Phantom fo the Opera $7.99


3 for $30

Flight of the Pheonix

Mask of Zorro DE


The Warriors SE

Scarface SE

Godfaher II

Are we there yet?

Pulp Fiction

Clueless SE

Tommy Boy SE

Badder Santa

Bourne Supremecy

Kill Bill V1

Kill Bill V2




Bourne Identity

Transporter SE

House of Flyin Daggers

Old School

Sling Blade

Pirates of the Carribean

True Romnce


Usual Suspects

Pretty Women

Good Will Hunting

A Walk to Remember

Fight Club


Forrest Gump


Italian Job

Mystic River


Pitch Black

Deuce Bigalow Male Gigolo


Bringing down the house

Raging Bull

American Pie

12 Monkeys

Taking Livs

Neverending Story

The Insider

Pale Rider


School of Rock


He got Game

My boss's Daughter

Hocus Pocus

Moulin Rogue


Time Machine

Wall Street


Starsky and Hutch

Girl Interupted

13th Warrior

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