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Xbox Holiday Bundle...


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Today Microsoft has announced a new Xbox Holiday bundle. Beginning on September 17, when you purchase a Xbox console at the regular MSRP of $179.99, you will also get a 2-month trial of Xbox Live (without the Xbox Live Headset), and the full versions of Tetris Worlds and Star Wars: Clone Wars.


On October 15th Microsoft will be changing the packaging, and the games and Xbox Live demo will be included in the box.

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Doesn't the full version of tetris worlds come with XBOX Live 2.0 Starter Kit?


So what your getting here is an XBOX, a 2 month subscription to Live, Tetris Worlds, and Star Wars Clone Wars...for $179.99, but you will still need to buy the Xbox Live HeadSet, which is what 29.99 or something? and after those first two months are up $50.00 for a years service...which adds up to 259.97..


Wouldn't it be better to just buy a non-bundle and an xbox live starter kit 2.0 for 229.98(you get an xbox, headset, Tetris worlds full, mech assualt and moto gp demos, and a years subscription)...I'd rather spend the extra 30 on a live game I might actually play....



Most of the new live games come with a free 2 month subscription anyhows, this bundle doesn't seem like a good deal at all....did i mess something up?

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That's OK, but it's not great. The current bundle we have up in Canada with Halo and Amped for $30 extra is better IMO, and so was Sega GT/JSRF (although the number of copies of that we had traded in would suggest that many people would disagree).


And I agree about the headset, they should really include it as well.


Those pictures on the box are awful, especially "Watch DVD Movies".

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