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King Kong (Every System on the planet)


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Rented Kong last night for the bastard X-box. :)

Played it for about 2 hours and I am happy to say that we got another fantastic Movie Based game. The FPS portions are great, there is no HUD, no reticle, no health display....just you and a weapon. If you want to know your ammo count for your gun you press the b-button and Jack wil let you know how much you got. I also like how you use your kills or smaller animals as diversions or traps for other bigger creatures. You can spear a giant maggot, throw it 30 yards, watch the animals come to eat, and then you take them out one at a time. :)

The voice acting and graphics are also a treat. The music score is very "big", so I am assuming it uses bits from the upcoming film. The 5.1 sound is also a highlight. Sounds from the jungle are great and the LFE from the dino's and Kong are also nice.


I've got to play as Kong for a bit and I love that the controls for him are easy to use and responsive. Kong's animations are so nice to look at when he is swinging or running along walls.


One of my favorite parts of eye-candy came when you are along a mountain side and their is a ravine below and water running through it. You have little waterfalls all along the wall and through the ravine is a heard of Bronto's just making there way through. It was very fun to watch.


Not sure if this is a must buy at the $50 price tag, or the $60 tag for the 360.....but is is easily a must play.



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Pretty far into the game now, its pretty good. The FPS pieces are decent. The jungle gets confusing at times and its getting boring now that I'm this far into the game. Controlling KONG is definetely the best part of the game. Had a fight earlier with two V-Rexes and it was awesome ripping their jaws apart.

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Just finished the game. Had a good time with it and I can't wait to see the movie now. The last bits with KONG in New York were great, smashing cars and cops, climbing buildings, smashing more cars and cops. I'd give the game a recommendation to anyone who is a fan of good adventure games. Easily one of the best games based on a movie.

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Here's a strange thing. Ubisoft has commented on a fault regarding the game being 'too dark' visually on a non HD display when played on the 360:


"We have a problem on the 360. The screen is dark on some TVs and it totally changes the experience," Guillemot told BBC News.


"When it's dark, you don't see where you have to go... I'm a bit disappointed that we didn't see it when we were developing the game."


According to Guillemot, the game was developed using HD TVs - and it didn't occur to anyone that it might not work so well on standard tellies. But they're seeing if they can fix the code, however.



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Finished Kong today. Excellent game. Some very frustrating levels, mainly due to darkness and not spinning around fast enough to see what's eating you, but all in all I really enjoyed it. Some of the levels were so good, it made up for the lackluster ones... and being Kong was awesome. Tearing apart the village was great! I also loved the music when you are about to die, very cool... in a "I'm going to die to this calming music kinda way".



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I rented this the other day and, I find it to be a mish mash of some decent gameplay and some extrodinarily mediocre gameplay.


Personally, I would've been disappointed if I would've purchased this game. For a rental, it's not bad.

had a problem with the game being too dark on my HDTV.


On some levels I even had to change my brightness levels just to be able to see the paths that I had to walk down.


A minor annoyance, but it was an issue regardless.


My exact same experience, as well. I usually have my gaming/dvd input set to "movie" setting, which is more subdued and inherantly darker. This game was just too damn dark to play on that setting and I had to bump it up to "standard". I didn't think I'd play any game darker than Condemned!


I'm currently at the point where I only had a stick, and I'm up against one of those damn Tyrannosaurs, while Ann is trying to open a door for me. I have to admit that the "pucker factor", is resonably high when one of those big bastards is chasing you, and all you've got it a pointy stick!!


Basically just playing this to get the easy 1000 points.

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OMG I just got this game from gamefly. What a friggin BUG FEST. In the first five minutes I hit two showstopper bugs where I had to reload to progress in the game at all. Then about six minutes in I'm stuck already! Or is it a bug, I don't know. I came to a gate where the lever had to be put into the pole and then turned. But its one of those two-person turn thingys. My problem is that none of my "Friends" want to come into the room to help me turn it. How do I compell them? Is there some way to control them?

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gate where the lever had to be put into the pole and then turned


You do have both pegs in the pole right? They all require 2 pegs... then just walk up to one of them, and your AI guy will go to the next one...



PS - Count me in as bug-free as well, never had any issues with Kong at all. I enjoyed the game a lot, nice 1st gen game.

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My reply may be confusing...


1 peg for 1 pole.


But every gate has 2 poles... therefore, 2 pegs total. Once 1 peg is in each pole, then walk up to one... your AI will do the rest.


Good luck!

Ah, then there is some sort of bug then. Because I put the peg in the pole, the other pole already had its peg, and when I push my peg/poll, my stupid NPCs don't think to help... though they did at the previous door, but not at this one. I will also say that they didn't help at the previous door either, until I quit, reloaded, and tried again, then it worked.
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Update: The issue was a bug. I tried everything and moving everywhere. Eventually I killed myself, and that reset everything, motivating the NPCs to finally move to the door.


BTW, I have progressed through 60% of the game and I think it is very good. Reminds me of Resident Evil actually in some ways. And let me guess that Peter Jackson's "Interactive Movie/Videogame idea started with this game. Because this is the closest thing I've encountered to an interactive videogame movie.

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