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Monday Night Perfect Dark Zero 9 PM EST


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I'd love to try and meet up with y'all for some fun. I had to change my gamertag though,there was a lot of weirdness moving Snakefish over to 360 (I changed jobs, email, CCs, blehh). So now I use


General Zot


Send me an invite if you guys get a moment, I accept any requests by default. I'll make a list of folks in this thread and try to add you tonight as well. Later...

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No' date=' I won't hate the Melee... just you. Damn headshoting, melee killing bastard. :)






Dont know who i killed with the Melee but Romier and whoever was on my team at the time was in a gun battle with two people on the other team and i snuck up from behind and clocked someone in the back of the head and took them down with one shot. then spun around and hit the other one and he went flying against the wall. Everyone burst into laughter. The melee hits are worth the price of the game alone

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