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Archery fans?


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Are there any archers here at LCVG? I've had an interest in the sport (target, not hunting) for many years, and even asked for and got a bow for Christmas about 15 years ago.


What I got (and probably asked for not knowing), though, was a compound bow and after using it and taking classes, I realized that what I really wanted was a more traditional recurve bow. The extra do-dads on the compound, the cams, etc, just seemed superfluous for a non-hunter. I lost interest in shooting my bow, and consequently in the sport.


But recently I've been thinking of getting back into it. I've been looking around at what's up in 'modern' archery. The consensus seems to be that Hoyt makes the best recurves for the money, but for the life of me I have a hard time finding a price-point for what a beginner/intermediate bow (riser, plus limbs, etc) would cost. I'm thinking that $500 would be the max I'd want to pay, preferably in the $300 range.


It's a long shot that anyone here would be into archery, but I figured I'd try.

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