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It's Drink A Whisky Day!


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Today is St.Andrew's Day in honour of the patron Saint of Scotland. That means you need to have a wee dram. My tipple this evening will be a wee glass of Laiphroig.


And to go with the theme, here's the Story of Scotland:


At the beginning when God was creating the world, he was sitting on a

cloud, telling his pal the Arch Angel Gabriel what he planned for



"Gabby", says he "I'm going to give this place high majestic

mountains, purple glens, soaring eagles, streams laden with salmon,

golden fields of barley from which a whisky-coloured nectar can be

made, green, lush, spectacular golf courses, coal in the ground, oil

under the sea....gas".


"Hold up! Hold up!" interjected the bold Gabriel, "Are you not being

too generous to these Scots ?"


Back came the Almighty's reply.


"Not really, wait until you see the neighbours I'm giving them !!!"



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