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Review: Joytech AV Control Center Series 240C (56K Warning: Includes Many Photos!)


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Thanks for an excellent review, Jeff :tu


I encountered some noticeable rolling diagonal wave distortions on the input my DVD player was connected to via component cables. These distortions did not appear on any other input that I switched to. After some investigating, I pinpointed the problem to my use of the composite input as a coaxial digital audio input (as the switcher does not have discrete inputs for this). Removing the cable immediately got rid of the distortions. Perhaps it was creating some kind of feedback loop, I?m not really sure. It?s not that big an issue to me as my DVD player also has an optical digital audio output but it may be an issue to other people?s setups.


This is kind of disappointing as I've never had an issue with my Pelican switcher when using the composite inputs for digital coax. But as you said, I've got other ways to hook up that input :)

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Fantastic review Jeff. Really, excellent excellent work. If you would be ok with it, I may give it an editorial look and feature it on the site.


I sent you a PM, Romier. :)


This is kind of disappointing as I've never had an issue with my Pelican switcher when using the composite inputs for digital coax. But as you said, I've got other ways to hook up that input


I'll try do more testing on this to make sure it wasn't user error, Scott. ;)


Thanks again.


No problem, Glen. I was really interested in this switcher but I couldn't find any reviews of it on the web. Hopefully, now at least LCVGers will have more information to guide their purchase.

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Heh, I just got back from BB with mine, wish I had logged on earlier today, as it would have made my decision to get one so much easier.


I have the pelican switcher, which I will now be looking to rid myself of. The addition of a 4th optical input and the remote control more than make up for the loss of 1 rear component video in and downgrading the front panel in to only S-Video.


It appears that the stereo audio signal is split into two sets of outputs but I have not gotten a chance to test this out.


If it works like the Pelican than this is exactly what it does. I use the second anolog out to run a line in to my mp3 player to record concerts and other soundbites off my DVR.

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Another potential option from intec made specifically to match and fit below the 360...if you don't require that many inputs:








A/V Selector & Storage - 8618 - White (MSRP: $39.99)


Intec’s A/V Selector & Storage for 360 features four inputs in addition to your Xbox 360.


This unit comes with two integrated storage compartments to store the remote control (included), memory cards and various accessories.


Features component video, RCA, and S-Video input & output jack connections, and 2 optical inputs and 1 optical output to support the higher quality audio and video demanded by HDTV.


Unit also features broadband Internet connections to support online gaming!


Intec’s A/V Selector & Storage has even more features than similar items priced above $100!

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Nice review


Good find on the Pelican system selector pro 2


I'll keep an eye out. I need all the inputs I can get my hands on. I run a physical composite switcher right now to switch my component devices (DVD player, Gamecube, Xbox) and another composite switcher to switch my old composite/Svideo stuff (NES, SNES, etc)

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If the 5 inputs on the back all have network and digital audio conections I'll choose this over the Joytech.

If that's the case, the Joytech goes back. Nice that Pelican has any info about this at all on their site. Some at CAG thought they saw it at Best Buy already, I'm wondering if they saw the Joytech and were confused.

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BTW, if one of the mods would be so kind as to change the name of the thread, I would greatly appreciate it. I referred to the switcher in the thread title as the "AV Control Center 240 Series" because that's how it's listed on their website and I assumed the box said the same thing. However, I looked at the box last night and it says "Control Center Series 240C" on it. Thanks!

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I've updated the first post in this thread with a link to the main site. Jeff's review is now featured on the main site. All of his pics are viewable under the screenshot section, and his review is there in all it's glory. Thank you Jeff for your contribution, and everyone please feel free to continue leaving feedback and thanks to Jeff here.:rock


PS: I also have an original copy of the review if you need it Jeff. Make sure to answer my PM so I can update your name on the main site as well.

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Excellent review. I've been looking for something like this for a while. I currently have a stack of 3 Pelican 5 port switchers (you know, the little black box job without component hookups) but would like something sleeker and with component support.


Now just going to look for some info/review of the Pelican Pro 2.0 and decide...

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