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Firefox 1.5 is out

Robot Monkey

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The biggest problem with Firefox for me, drives me crazy, is when I control-click a link to have it open in a tab, it doesn't work if my system is bogged down (ie if a bunch of pages are already loading, Firefox seems too busy to recognize that I'm holding the control key down, and just defaults to opening it in the same window.). This problem happens on every machine I use. So annoying when I'm scanning down my LCVG new-posts list, control-clicking all the threads I'm interested in, in rapid succession.

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Im not sure what the memory leak is, but Im still using 1.0.7, and I've always had a weird memory problem with Firefox.


For example, say for you had 5 browsers or tabs open, then you closed all but one; the memory that those 5 windows would still be tied up until you closed out Firefox all together and started with a fresh browser.

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The problem is, there's not just one big "memory leak bug" the dev's can sit down and fix. There's hundreds. Additionally, some of the leaking can come from poorly written extensions. Cruft from old profiles being used from version to version can also induce leaking. Also, all browsers have leak problems with certain complex pages. Click this (5MB of HTML) into a few new windows/tabs if you want to bring anything other than lynx to its knees.

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