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Converting XP to Media Center

Dave C

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Try out the features of MCE without actually installing it. This guy took out all the executables for Media Center applications and is offering them up for download.




Is this legit?


I don't want to blow away my drive to install a new OS but I would like to have the benefits of the Media Center for the xbox 360 capabilities.

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Good luck.


Personally, I'm afraid to try it. Although a clean install is probably the safest (and most legit) way to go. I wish MS would offer an upgrade patch to convert from XP S2 or XP Home Ed. To Media Center Edition. I would gladly fork over $$$ to avoid a clean install.

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I would gladly fork over $$$ to avoid a clean install.


Considering the fact that's it's really a downgrade from XP Pro, they should offer that to us.


I'm thinking of doing this on my "backup" PC at home and then putting all of my media files on there. But games take precident at the moment.



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I just ran the 2 files in the package after the install. The first file makes some registry changes, the other installs the MCE software. I got nothing but errors when trying to run the MCE software after it installed which seems to be other peoples experiences as well with this pacakge. You could always give it a shot and see if you have better luck with it.

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Trav, is this the package I sent to you? I don't understand what you mean about the second file in the package "installing the MCE Software" I know Tom's install got hosed at some point and he ended up reinstalling the MCE roll-up 2 amongst other things, but his installer was straight from MSDN. Sorry my idea caused so much trouble:)

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