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RSS Feeds are working and new Chat room!

Romier S

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Just a tiny announcement gentleman. We've got RSS feeds working on the forum for you now. Previously the forum was unviewable to non-members which made it difficult to get RSS feeds working, but we've since changed that. Just click on the little "RSS" button at the right hand side of your address bar for non-IE users. I do believe you IE guys will need to download a third party program such as:








To get the benefits of the RSS feeds.Keep in mind the reasons why we kept the forum closed was to control our bandwidth in terms of uploaded videos/pics and who was downloading such things. We still need to monitor these things especially with the site going Live, but this feature has been requested in the past so enjoy! If you have any questions please feel free to ask.

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This is posted as a forum announcement but I'll copy and past Kelley's announcement here for viewing:


Thanks for letting us take that little downtime. The forum is running on an improved code base and we have installed a new feature!


Let me introduce the LCVG Chat Room. You can get to it here. No need for a new login either as your forum login gets you into the chatroom, 2 for 1 style...thats how we like to do it here at LCVG. Want to see who is in the chat room, just scroll down to the bottom of the main forum page and there it is, currently there is a bug in FireFox so this listing might not be 100% truth. See you guys in the room, especially during the hours of the workingman.

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