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RPTV trouble

General Zot

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Our HDTV (a Mitsubishi RPTV) is having troubles. When you turn it on, the power light will turn on for a couple of seconds, then just turn itself off. No sound of the guns firing up or anything else. Just a click when that power LED is lit, a pause, then it turns back off. I unplugged the set and replugged it elsewhere in case it was a power problem, but no dice. Anybody had this trouble before?


I called the repair crew, we'll see when they can come out. Luckily, this was the one piece of electronics I took an extended warranty on. What a smart choice that was, used it twice and it's paid for itself 2-3x over.


Any advice is appreciated.

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There is no bulb ;) This is an RPTV, not an LCD or DLP set. It's about 4 years old, runs off of three guns bouncing off a mirror onto the screen.


Feedback from HTF is saying it is likely the power supply. I hope the repairman has a spare on the truck and can just do it when he looks at it. The big issue with the waranty is that they have to issue a workorder, then the repairman sees it, then he submits another workorder and price, then they approve it, finally he fixes it. All this happens in serial as your RPTV sits there useless. I hope we can shortcut it this time.

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