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Sony buys KILLZONE developer


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I really think that the first Killzone could have been a fantastic game had it not been for the wildly inconsistent framerate. Everything about the game screamed potential. Good art direction, decent weapons, and multiple characters with differing abilities should have been enough to push it to the realm of greatness, but the technical deficiencies bogged everything down.


That said, I hope that the power of the PS3 helps this developer make a much better game. I only ask that they shorten the reloading animations and make it so that your head doesn't automatically tilt while doing so. It may be more realistic to do that, but it makes the game so much harder to play.

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I agree Killzone had tons of potential but there were more issues than just low frame rates. Level design was pretty poor throughout the game. Many missions were just dull.

Still, I have interest in this just for the potential. The art design and music were great.

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