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Any members alone on the holidays?

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I know that Christmas/Thanksgiving/New Years, are the times that everyone shares with families and friends but, I have the feeling that there are quite a few people "out there" that really don't have anyone to be with during these family times.


I'm almost there myself. No mother, no brothers, no sisters, no grandparents, no kids, no wife. My father is 85; doing quite well for 85 (hope it's genetic!), but I won't have too many more even with him.


For some time now, Christmas for me has just simply been another day of the week.


It is depressing. :(


I guess it's the one major drawback of being a surprise birth into an old family.


Just thought some of our other members that find themselves alone on the holidays, might want to post here so they know that they're not the only ones that are alone. :bok

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For some time now, Christmas for me has just simply been another day of the week.


Working retail for the past 14 years makes me identify with that statement. You kind of loose any of that "Christmas spirit" when working so many hours throughout the holidays. Everything just kind of passes you by.


BTW, Robot Monkey - The Onion avatar is fantastic!

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Unfortunately, working for the airlines means a 24/7 operation. Lots of friends but, we're spread all over the different shifts and off days. The few guys on my off days all have families.


Since I just live in Cincinnati but, I'm not actually from here means that any family (cousins) I do have, are not here.


Getting used to it. Still sucks but, we all eventually get used to just about anything.


Was just curious if any of our members were in a similar boat.

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