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Credit Card suggestions

Bruce B

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Right now I have an Amex Blue and an Amazon Visa card. I'm looking for a card that will give me the most free stuff(cash back etc). I pay off my credit card every month and never carry a balance so that aspect doesnt matter to me. Also, I dont want to pay an annual fee. Any suggestions?

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Chase and citibank both have cards the give you 5% cash back on groceries and gas. You can't go wrong with 5%!! :tu


MBNA has a fidelity card that will give you 1.5% back on everything, the catch is you need a fidelity account and that's where the money goes every quarter. I believe it's $2500 to open an account w/ fidelity. They also have a baby mint card that gives 2%, but you'll need to have the money deposited into a 529 plan (college savings).


If you really want to work the system, mbna's billpay will let you pay your citi or chase card at no charge which will increase your float another 60 days. :rock It's a bit unnerving the first time you see 4 months worth of credit card bills all showing up as outstanding debt, but it's definitely the way to go.

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