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Lost Planet: Extreme Condition (X360)


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I dig it, but some of the shots with the GUI show questionable viewpoints especially in the mechs. It was firing at some other mechs, but the crosshairs were directly through the mech's body and you couldn't tell where it was firing at all. Hopefully they'll come up with something to mitigate that effect somewhat, either adjusting the viewpoint or, perhaps, making your mech translucent in those instances.

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Lost Planet First Look


The final game will include at least 12 single player missions, in addition to a few more online. For its online component, Capcom is shooting for 32 person servers where players can engage in battle with deathmatch, capture the flag as well as other modes. If the 32 person limit is not achieved, it will be at the very least 16. A cooperative mode will also be available for play on Xbox Live. It's clear Capcom is putting a lot of effort into this game. So far, that effort clearly shows. Lost Planet is scheduled to release in the first quarter of 2007.
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After trying the demo, I just want to reiterate how impressed I am with this game. Here's what I posted earlier in the Marketplace thread:


Lost planet is one of the most amazing shooters I've ever played. Holy shit!!!! So many destructible objects with stunning visuals/explosions. This game shoots right up to the top of my most wanted list.


Taking down the mech and hopping in to rip everything to shreds was so much fun. When the fuel barrel explosions consume an area they look incredibly real. Can't wait to check out the final game.

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