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Hmm, did you see Nintendo's ball around here? (GBA Player)

Mark E

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I don't have a marketing degree and I could be waging this console war better. Anyway, the latest news off Planet GameCube is that the GBA Player is going to be a pack-in no longer, just one of the items you can choose instead of, say, the free game you now get when picking up a GameCube.


Not to go "what the hell?" but what the hell!? Nintendo has so much to offer with the Cube now that it is NOT going to kill them to throw in the game and the player. Doubly so since it is almost guaranteed to open up a ton of consumers to both the GameCube software line-up AND the GBA line-up in the same swoop.


Especially coming off a slightly lackluster E3 showing this is not the kind of news you want to be dropping. Nintendo should be making the system MORE attractive, not leaving it as is. Grumble grumble grumble. I'm turning into the grumpy old man of my own forum :P.

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Hmm, maybe I was misunderstanding earlier reports, but while I had not seen anything official I think just about every major game site basically implied or said that the GBA Player was going to be a pack-in with the latest round of Cubes.


Now I could easily have misinterpreted that, so that could be my reaction to a mis-conception I previously had ;). I still think it would make more sense to pack it in, though I see a number of reasons not to do so as well, ie profits.

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I have to agree with ianl and dogbert. I read it to mean that the GBA Player would be packaged with the Cube in addition to buying a free game.


I also recall people saying that such a move was a sign that Nintendo was taking desperate measures to stay competative in the console races. Now, it's being described as a missed opportunity. Not to go what the hell but, what the hell?

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Well, I'm the only person describing it as a missed opportunity it seems :P. And I've never called it an act of desperation either, so that's probably where the confusion comes in ;). Different people see it different ways. I just think they could've done more with it. I must've just read a press release wrong or something :).

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