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DVD Roundup 12/11-12/17


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Free $10 Gift Card with any DVD, Game and CD purchase totalling $75 and up..

Simpsons S7 Hot Price

Sin City Recut, Extended, Unrated Edition $29.99

The Island Hot Price

Lords of Dogtown $16.99

Christmas with the Kranks $16.99

40 Year old Virgin Hot Price

Peter Jacksons King Kong Behind the Scenes Set $32.99

Kronks New Groove Hot Price

Valiant Hot Price

Buy Kronks and Valiant and save $6 instantly

Rock N' Roll High school $11.99

Death Race 2000 $11.99

Airplane SE $12.99

Drew Carey show Best Of $7.99

Dukes of Hazzard S5 $27.99

Gilmore Girls S5 $39.99

Dinocroc $14.99

Puddle Cruiser $14.99

Bad News Bears $19.99

Roll Bounce $19.99

2 for $20 Cinderella Man and Spy Game

Constantine $8.99

Milliion Dollar Bby $8.99

Dukes of Hazzard $19.99

Fantastic Four $19.99



Citzen Cane $12.99

Robin Hood SE $12.99

Boogie Nights $12.99

The Right Stuff $12.99

Unforgiven $12.99


Enter the Dragon $12.99

The Lost Boys $12.99

True Romance $12.99

Casablanca $12.99

Se7en $12.99



Aqua Teen Hunger Force $22.99

Scrubs S2 $29.99

Fraggle Rock S1 $29.99

Friends S10 $32.99

Will and Grace S4 $34.99

Rescue Me S1 $34.99

Seinfeld S 5 or 6 $34.99

Alias S4 $39.99

Miami Vice S2 $39.99

Smallville S4 $42.99

Nip Tuck S2 $43.99

Lost S1 $39.99

Desperate Housewives S1 $39.99

Back to the Future Set $19.99

Lethal Weapon Collection $16.99

Austin Powers in Goldmember $16.99

Gone with the wind $16.99

Karate Kid Collection $24.99

Die Hard COllection $36.99

Rocky Collection $39.99

Pink Panther Collection $39.99

Thin Man Collection $39.99

Alien Quadriology $59.99

Entourage S1 $27.99

Curb your Enth S4 $27.99

Oz S5 $42.99

Band of Brothers $75.99

Sex and the City Complete Collection $199.99

From the Earth to the Moon $65.99

Deadwood S1 $65.99

Sopranos S5 $65.99

Simpsons S6 $32.99

24 S4 $49.99

Family Guy V3 $29.99

In Living Color S4 $29.99

That 70's Show $29.99

Chappelles Show S2 $22.99

Laguna Beach $27.99

Reno 911 S2 $27.99

VIVA la Bam S2/3 $27.99

Beavis and Butthead V1 $27.99

Newleyweds S2/3 $16.99

South Park S6$29.99


2 for $20

Oceans Twelve


good will Hunting

Friday Night Lights


Hotel Rwanda

Apollo 13

Truman Show SE



Phantom of the Opera

Usual Suspects


Harry Potter 1,2, and 3


Shrek 2

Ice Age

Shark Tale

Sword in the Stone


Willy Wonka (original)

princess Diaries 2

Parent Trap

Herbie Goes Bananas



Bourne Supremecy


Into the Sun

Tears of the Sun SE

Gone in 60 seconds SE

Flight of the Pheonix

After the Sunest

Top Gun SE

Master and Commander


Last Samuri


Pirates of the Carribean


Old School Unrated

Tommy Boy SE

Ghost Busters


Girl Next Door

O Brother

Diary of a Mad Black Women

Harold and Kumar go to White Castle

Blazing Sadles


Clueless SE Beauty Shop

Father of the Bride SE

Not Another Teen Movie

$16.99 for RZ members

War of the Worlds

Longest Yard

Batman Begins


Polar Express

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory




Simpsons S7 Hot Price

Sin City Recut, Extended, Unrated Edition $29.99

The Island Hot Price

40 Year old Virgin Hot Price

Kronks New Groove $19.99

Valiant $19.99

Buy Kronks and Valiant and save $6 instantly

Airplane SE $12.99

Dukes of Hazzard S5 $27.99

Gilmore Girls S5 $39.99

Bad News Bears Hot Price

Roll Bounce $19.99

Home on the Range $17.99

Family Bonds S1 $17.99

The Office S1 $13.99

Fantastic Four $19.99

Cinderella Man $19.99

Dukes of Hazzard $17.99

Stealth $19.99

Mr&Mrs. Smith $19.99

Sky high $19.99

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory $19.99

Batman Begins $17.99

Herbie Fully Loaded $17.99

War of the Worlds $19.99

Polar Express $19.99

Longest Yard $17.99

SW:ROTS $19.99

Madagascar $19.99



Jingle all the Way

White Christmas

A Year without Santa Clause

Simpsons Christmas 1 or 2

An All Dogs Christmas Carol

Chicken Run

Peter Pan



Nightmare Before Christmas

Its A WonderfulL life

Christmas Vacation

How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Charlie Brown Christmas

Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer

Frosty the Snowman



Brothers Bear $12.99

Lilo and Stitch 2 $12.99

Tarzan II $12.99

Aladdin $12.99

Mulan 2 $12.99


2 for $20

Gangs of NY

Scary movie 3.5

Count of Monte Cristo

Paid in Full


Under the Tuscan Sun

O Brother

Scary Movie 1 or 2

Ed Wood

Enemy of the State

Jersey Girl

Parent Trap

Freaky Friday


Bridget Jones Diary

King Arthur

Finding Neverland

The Village


Princess Diaries 2

Open Range

Pretty Women SE

Shall We Dance?

Remember the Titans

Gone in 60 Seconds SE

Jackie Brown

Princess Diaries


Dont Be Menace

Death Race 2000




English Patient



River Runs Through

A Few Good Men


Once Upon a Time in mexico

Get Shorty

Princess Bride


King Kong (Dosnt say what movie it is but not the restored version)

We Were Soldiers

Forrest Gump


Oceans Eleven

Set it off



Mean Girls

Italian Job

Air force one

secret window

Haunted Mansion

Monsters Ball

State Property

Eddie Murphy Raw

Spinal Tap

Urban legend

Wedding Planner

Contract Killer


A Knights Tale

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Thanks for the Roundup Capt.


Sin City Recut, Extended, Unrated Edition and the Back to the Future Set for me. I'll probably pick up some 2 for 20 titles as well, which will bring it above the $75 mark. In case anyone is interested, I ordered Band of Brothers for 59.97 (w/free shipping) from amazon the other day. That's the best price of have seen for that set.

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