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Clock Reset


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This morning I turned on my new Xbox for a couple minutes to check my invites and what-not. The first thing it did was make me set the clock again. It had been reset to 11/15/01. All other settings (audio, video, Live, etc.) were intact. Is this something to be concerned about, or does this happen from time to time?

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Whenever mine is disconnected, I notice that if I log into Live, it will auto set the date and time.



-As far as an internal clock, it doesn't bother me as it would die out eventually (yeah, maybe 10 yrs, I know), and even though I've had to reset mine a couple of times, it's so easy to do that it's not much of a hassle. And as far as cost cutting ideas, I'd perfer chopping out the clock and in turn have the newer additions such as the longer cables and the break away connections.


BTW, My Dreamcast has no clock either, I have to reset if unplugged as well.

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