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MotoGP 2006 - Xbox 360 (Screenshots)


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I kind of wonder how much these shots have been touched up. I smell another PGR3.


I sure hope so considering PGR3 is the best looking 360 game IMO.


I'll be purchasing this the day it's released as MotoGP is one of my favorite games from the past generation.

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Regardless of if you like PGR3, there was a pretty startling difference between the plucked from VRAM with full AA screenshots and the final product. These shots look like the same deal, and I'm just interested to see what the "real" game looks like since the overall style is aesthetically pleasing.


I don't really have any criticism of MotoGP, it's the commonplace practice of doctored screenshots I don't like.

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Regardless of if you like PGR3, there was a pretty startling difference between the plucked from VRAM with full AA screenshots and the final product.


And you can actually see this in full effect in the Photo Mode of PGR3. When you're tooling around composing your shot, your viewing it "in-engine" with minimal AA. Once you hit the "take" button, the engine chews on it in post-processing and what results is a finely rendered, beautifully anti-aliased shot. Yes, I long for the day when I get that level of detail and graphics in game.

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Agreed, what is it going to really look like on my TV, thats what I want to see.

Look at the first shot posted above. If that was a doctored shot, you would not see the amount of obvious aliasing at the edge of the bikes, the shadows, and at certain points along the bikers model. These same issues crop up in several of those shots. Sorry, I've seen my fair share of doctored shots, but I don't buy those being pushed out at some extraoridinary resolution with full antialiasing implementation.


Climax isn't one known for kicking out doctored shots either for whatever that's worth.

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My guess is that there is maybe one additional AA pass on those shots. I'm hesitant to declare 'bullshot' on these because Climax has managed to make the MGP games on the Xbox look exceedingly good at 480p.


EDIT: What I really like about these shots is the gamma and saturation, both are very pleasing. The Xbox1 games looked slightly washed out, if the 360 version has this level of gamma and saturation I'll be happy.

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There's a nice interview with the Climax guys on MotoGP 2006. Some of the commentary will please people looking for a fast racer (which shouldn't be a suprise as Climax pushed the Xbox quite well). Take a look:


MotoGP 2006 Interview


Eurogamer: Perhaps more than in any previous cycle, we're seeing tremendous overlap between console generations. With the PlayStation 3 and Revolution arguably still lacking definition and Xbox 360 (largely) now on the market, we're in a weird position where Microsoft actually has two available consoles that are more powerful than any of the others. In a sense, you were already on the optimal platform, so what are the benefits of taking the step up at this early stage?


Climax: Well for one thing it puts us in a great position for the future. We've been able to put a strong foundation in place on a next generation platform, earlier than many of our competitors. From a game point of view, it's allowed us to achieve even more realism in terms of audio and visuals.


Eurogamer: One of the things we're seeing quite a bit of with first-generation 360 software is developers making use of just one or two of the console's processors. To what degree have you been making use of the console's new technology?


Climax: We started off on one processor and then we've spread out as we've gone along. By the time our game comes out, we'll be using all of the processor threads at least some of the time. There will still be a lot more untapped power to be had though. We're gunning for 4x anti-aliasing with 20 bikes at 60 frames per second so we're having to push quite hard.

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The inset is the real shot, if you're really asking. Though I admit I first got it from noticing that the Galoises hoarding had been changed to say Go!!!!!! in the screenshot. There's a rather nice several-page preview and interview in Edge this month with some of the same shots along with a bunch of behind-the-scenes stuff from the development tools.

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