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suggestions for party games?


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Hi everyone.

A couple of days ago a friend of mine complained that there are none of those little easy to get into games on the XBox and we all agreed.

Burnout 2 always worked when people come over. Just start up the first track and everybody can do pretty good within 5-10 minutes.

You don't know Jack on the PC was always great with a couple people. So was Worms.

I know that Worms 3d is coming out but who knows if that'll be fun. The videos that were on the net last week or so looked ok but not as addicting as Worms. But only playing it will tell.

I read on a German forum that Shrek Super Party is supposed to be a collection of fun little games. And I read here that Trivial Pursuit is coming out.

Do you guys have any suggestions of fun little games you like?



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Hmmm .... too bad this is X-Box specific. GC has the Mario Party game. PS2 has Need For Speed. Both of which are easy learning curve games.



What about Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee ? DoA 3 ? I think Dynasty Warriors 4 was just released for X-Box, and it should have co-op play.


And that old classic ... Tetris Worlds Online. I have heard there was a Monopoly Party game ?

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In the "universally derided" category my friends and I had a lot of fun with WWE Raw (the first one) by making insulting CAW's (the Create-A-Wrestler feature) of each other and then beating the snot out of each other's characters.


Hopefully RAW 2 will avoid the mistakes made by the first one. I understand that the CAW features (now called Create-A-Superstar?) are really beefed up in Raw 2.



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I have heard there was a Monopoly Party game ?


Yup, and I had a lot of fun with it. Essentially, it's "realtime Monopoly" - upto 4 players, each playing simultaneously in their respective corner of the screen, with the game pausing at the end of each turn for everyone to "catch-up". It works suprisingly well. LOTS of animation, LOTS of sound effects, LOTS visually going on to keep the screen "alive" & interesting.


You can play it the traditonal turnbased way too.


Lots of different play options/rule variations to chose from.


I really liked it.

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Fuzion Frenzy is technically sound as a party game and the mini-games themselves are good, but the presentation is absolutely [politically incorrect term for "un-hip and annoying" deleted]. I'm convinced the characters that come from Microsoft's R&D department were yanked out of their asses.


Kung Fu Chaos has better presentation overall, but it gets old after a while, as does the gameplay (assuming you can see what the hell is going on half the time).


Raw 2 is decent enough for 4 people to beat the snot out of eachother, and there's TLC, Royal Rumble, and cage matches that can provide for some pretty entertaining beatdowns. The computer AI is horrendous, but that's not an issue if you're buying this purely as a multiplayer game (which makes this a good purchase). If you get off on finally having a wrestling game that allows you to set up your own pyro and allowing you to come out to any song in the world blaring out of your speakers, that's another selling point.


Tetris Worlds Online is almost worthless due to the ability to slide your pieces on the ground infinitely once they touch it.


Other than that I can't really think of any games that are set up specifically as party games for the XBox that I can recommend. AS for games that do work at parties that I CAN recommend the following games although they're much more specialized...


Soul Calibur II is a no-brainer. Buy it. Period. It's only 2 player but half the fun is passing the controller around trying to take down whoever's winning.


Dead Or Alive III is another no-brainer but the characters are a bit unbalanced. The throw collisions are suspect too. But the reversal system and the insane tag team combos make up for it. This supports 4-player.


Outlaw Volleyball is surprisingly good. The mid-game fights are lame, but the volleyball itself is set up great.


Sega's new ESPN sports games so far are phenomenal.


Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee is a TON of fun despite the clunkiness of controlling a 60-ton lizard.


The more games I list, the more specialized they'll get, so I'll stop there. The bottom line is the best system out there purely for party games is the GameCube. Start with Super Smash Bros. Melee, Mario Party 4, and Bomberman Generations and go from there.

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I think the proper way to say it is "THOO-PER".


As for party games, why not Project Gotham Racing?


It's pretty easy to pick up, and it's always fun to do 4 player races. When everyone's a beginner, the races tend to be pretty close so theres lots of white-knuckled fun.


Also great to compete for style points.

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Soul Calibur II

I own this and I love it of course.


Dead Or Alive III

I own this one as well and played this quite a few hours with friends. Actually I didn't play this alone for one minute now that I think about it.


Outlaw Volleyball

I rented this one but I didn't enjoy it too much. Gameplay is better than DoA BV but still pretty bad imho. I'll give it another try in multiplayer (only did single player up to now).


Monopoly Party

I rented this today and liked it quite a bit. If this proves to be fun with more people I'll buy it.


Fuzion Frenzy, Tetris, Kung Fu Chaos, Dynasty Warriors 4, Godzilla and Shrek Super Party are in the "rent me" queue.


Problem with WWE Raw might be that neither me nor any of my friends like this 'sport'. Then again the Create-A-Wrestler feature sounds fun. I might rent if I find it (my videostore doesn't have it).


We'll see if any of these come even close to my favorite party game (Mario Kart 64).



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