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Unreal Tournament III - Discussion Thread (PS3 version gone gold!)

Romier S

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Has this been announced for the 360 yet?

No official announcement but I've little doubt you'll see the game appear on the 360 given the ties Epic has to MS at the moment. Of course some money from Sony could change that.


I'm sorry, but strip away the pretty graphics, and it is just Ikari Warriors 3.

Yeah, I'm totally seeing the similiarities.;)



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Yeah, I'm totally seeing the similiarities.wink.gif
Damn it. I can't say anything without Romier calling me on it.


I have mixed feelings about the Unreal games. I somewhat enjoyed the first Unreal. I really liked UT. Did not like UC. And never played UT2004 or UC2. Recently people got all excited about Quake 4, only to be underwhelmed by the same-old-game with better graphics. Do people here expect the same thing of this game? Will there be a single-player element? How will it play with the Revolution controller? Ha ha.

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Funny that Burger Time just got mentioned. About a month ago, I stumbled upon that game at a website and I was immediately addicted to it.

I found it over at ibproarcade.com and I haven't been able to quit playing it, especially at work. So simple, yet so frustrating.


P.S. We should have an arcade feature on this site.

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Looks nice a plasticy


I'm usually most offended by the plastic normal mapped look in many of today's games, however, while that effect is evident in these screens it's not as bad as in many other games. Still, I agree...it looks plastic. I am immediately turned off by that texture effect. Developers should look at a game like Condemned where the normal mapping is significantly less plastic looking. The plastic effect is still visible but they did something different (not just the lighting) to make the textures less shiny and fake.

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Unreal 2007 looks to be confirmed as a Playstation 3 release. The game is scheduled for a Spring 2006 release date, and is apparently going to be a Playstation 3 launch title. No word as of yet if there is some type of exclusivity agreement, but there is one nice online title to add to Sony's stable of possible Playstation 3 launch games.




Seven months later, the two companies have broken their silence. The January 2006 issue of PlayStation Magazine proudly proclaims that, yes, UT 2007 is coming to the PlayStation 3. Inside, the magazine also reveals that the game will be a launch title for the PlayStation 3, which is tentatively slated for a spring 2006 launch.


UT 2007 for PS3 is the second Epic shooter announced for next-generation consoles. However, the first, Gears of War for the Xbox 360, is slated for a general "2006" release date, meaning it could conceivably come out after the PS3 UT 2007.

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Yikes...that kind of reads as if the PS3 may actually make a spring 2006 launch in the US. I've been taking this spring 2006 launch talk as meaning a Japanese launch but UT is clearly a North American style FPS which wouldn't necessarily be a strong launch game in Japan.

Interesting clue.

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Inside, the magazine also reveals that the game will be a launch title for the PlayStation 3, which is tentatively slated for a spring 2006 launch.


After re-reading that line I've revised by surprise. That last statement, "which is tentatively slated for a srping 2006 launch." is the article author adding filler to the sentence. When I first scanned it I read it as if it was an official Sony statement.

A fall US launch for PS3 still makes more sense to me. It also makes more sense to launch a game with '2007' in the title toward the latter end of the year.

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One of the producers of Unreal 2007 has gone ahead and killed the supposed confirmation of Unreal 2007 being a PS3 launch title. This was posted over at the Atari forums:




PC first. We're not scheduled to be a ps3 launch title, not certain where those news sites are getting that from. There will be a pre-release demo (on the PC at least).


Apparently, Playstation Magazine (the source of Gamespot's article) ran an article where they commented on what they would like to see at launch. Gamespot apparently took that to mean the game would be released at launch and ran with the story from there.

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IGN has a new interview up with the folks behind Unreal 2007. A good bit of info on the games release for the PS3 and the PC (no mention of a 360 version) as well as some new screenshots:




IGN: The best place to start is probably to point out what some of the differences will be between the PC and PS3 version of the game? Will there be different modes or maps?


Mark Rein: I don't think we've exactly squared down what all of the differences are going to be yet on the PS3. Sony's made some very introductory statements about what they're going to be doing with the online space. So we're not 100% sure how the kind of stuff we do with mods and downloadable content fits in visa vi it's on a console and usually when it's on a console it has to be tested by the manufacturer so we're probably going to be pretty guarded about what we can and can't do on the PS3 right now, but we're pretty optimistic that we're going to be able to do a lot of the cool stuff that we're able to do on PC.


I can tell you from personal experience from talking to Sony way back at the beginning about getting Unreal Engine 3 on the console, they get it when it comes to have an open online system and allowing users to do all the things they want to do. So we're cautiously optimistic that we're going to be able to have all kinds of amazing cool things on the PS3 in terms of online but we don't know 100% yet.


IGN: As far as basic gameplay modes and maps go? Will it ship with the same stuff as PC?


Mark Rein: That really depends on time frame. As you know, we don't have a launch schedule yet for either skew at this point in time. A lot of that is going to depend on whether we decide to bring them out at the same time or not… but there'll probably be some custom content on PS3. I can say with pretty good confidence that we'll do some things on the PS3 that we won't do on the PC version. But there's not reason we can't then take those and port them back to the PC side either. We definitely want to make sure that the console player gets a wake-up for Unreal Tournament. It's been a long time since it's been on a console and that time it was a straight port to PS2 so this time we want to make sure we have something special.


Jeff Morris: And I would add that vehicles are something that we're thinking about emphasizing for the console versions. Steering with wassed on the PC is something that works but it's not as ideal as…


Mark Rein: Wassed? [laughs]


Jeff Morris: Yeah, yeah, WASD… as ideal as it is on an analog stick. I general we feel that vehicles really match with the input device of a console better. So perhaps that means more of an emphasis on vehicle focused game types. There will be differences between the PC and PS3 versions, no doubt, but we just not 100% certain what they're going to be.



IGN: Lastly, we were just curious about your thoughts about whether you'll be going the way of Bethesda and charging for downloadable content or if you'll stick with your history and give it away for free?


Mark Rein: We've built our reputation on giving content away for free and giving back to our customers and keeping them coming back and playing and I don't see us changing that anytime soon.







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