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Most creative Live tag you've encountered?

James T

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This goes back to the Xbox 360 thread where Romier mentions how much he loved Thro's tag of "KickhisassCBass".


Just curious what others encountered throughout the years(so both Xbox and Xbox360).


I played against two people in a 2v2 Halo2 match where their names were TomWelling and some other celebrity I can't remember. The funny thing was that they played a character through the match, pretending they're pyscho celebrities who are too into their character (ie. TomWelling kept on mentioning that he used his super strength to get "that" kill):lmfao


My cousin also joined Xbox Live a little late, so while we were browsing the internet for a fun/creative name, I remembered he loved drinking Coke and only Coke, so I gave him the name, "PepCsucksdotcom". He got some pretty good reactions to that one.

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