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Where to buy game soundtracks?


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I'm looking for some video game soundtracks, most of which I can find on gamemusic.com, but there are a few I'm having a hard time tracking down, such as F-Zero Guitar Arrange. Are there any other sites out there where I can buy game music CDs? I'm not interested in EverAnime or Son May CDs, only the legitimate releases.


As a side note, has anybody ever ordered from gamemusic.com before, and if so what kind of experience did you have?

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When I lived in Austin I shopped for my game music at Game Fellas. I don't know if they have a web site or not, but a phone call could probably tell you where they order from.


Oooh, oooh! I live in Houston, but I have been to that Game Fellas in Austin a few times....it is still in business and it is a pretty cool store! Some of their prices are iffy, but there are some deals to be had too. I don't really buy game soundtracks, but they have always had a pretty decent selection every time I've been there.

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