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LCVG should be more like DIGG.com and Slashdot


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I think that any forum that is used in-part as a community-driven news aggregator (like LCVG is) needs a restructuring. Here's why, and here's an example:


On LCVG, lots of interesting headlines make there way into various catch-all threads, that never get exposed unless you frequent those threads. For example, a headline posting of "Halo Character in DOA4" gets buried in the "Dead or Alive 4 Information" thread.


I submit that DIGG.COM's structure is more effective as a community-driven news aggregator. I'd love to see something like this working in LCVG.


Of course there are plenty of threads that have nothing to do with News Aggregation ("My 360 Controller won't work!"). And of course this would steer the forum away from catch-all threads like "The Official WHATEVER" thread. And I'm sure people enjoy that very much and probably wouldn't like this idea then.


But I atleast thought I'd present the idea to hear what people think. Not to mention, it might not even be technically possible to do what DIGG does on this site. Just an idea.

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I think that is an awesome idea! I really like the forum format for some things ,like discussing things ;), but it doesn't really lend itself to news. Being able to "Digg" certain posts (or group of posts) would allow a newsfeed (RSS?) of all threads that are deemed popular (above a certian vote threshold).


I guess I see it as a different view of the same data. So you could choose to view it whichever way you prefer. This doesn't sound like something that will be available out of the box (like forum software is) but it would be cool!

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I don't see such a change as being necessary here. Pretty much any really worthwhile news has its own topic or is likely seen by most of us in an existing thread. And the example of some Halo character appearing in another game is a rather poor example, since it's an utterly inconsequential event.

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