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Thought G4 couldn't get any worse? Think again


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No, they aren't adding more car drifting shows, robot war shows, or lame science experiment shows to the network...


They will start airing re-runs of Star Trek.


In an attempt to further up its geek quotient, the game-centric G4 cable channel is aiming to acquire the rights to the Star Trek television series and its spin-offs. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Comcast, G4's owner, is in final negotiations with Paramount Domestic Television, the unit of Viacom that owns the license. The trade also said that the first episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation will begin airing on G4 on January 8, 2006, with the original Star Trek series beginning in the second quarter.



Coupled with the recent cancellation of G4tv.com, there really isn't any gaming shows left, unless you think X-Play counts. :lmfao


"Icons" is officially the only good gaming show left, but you rarely see new episodes.


"G4 - Videogame TV" ....riiiiggghhttt...

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Im still sad to see G4tv.com go. With Geoff on the show full time the last few months there have been a lot of good interviews, and a lot of the crap segements cut out. It became a good show about gaming, and i hope Geoff , Tina , Laura and the others do a online podcast of some sorts down the road

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In terms of identifying groups of viewers it seems to me that gamers in the 18-34 market ought to be pretty easy to please. TechTV did it pretty well: Fairly intelligent geek speak with just enough eye candy so as not to be obviously marketing sex. Why the boneheads at G4 can't seem to find that formula again is beyond me.

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More G4 crap...


So apparently in tonight's Attack of the Show, Kevin P. slammed DOA4 and the 360 in general claiming there were no good games at all, and it wasn't "next-gen"...


Now, check out his gamertag (yes, this is authentic. he showed it back in december)




Look at his DOA4 achievements... 0/1000.


CLEARLY he has given the game a fair chance, and hell with a stellar gamerscore like that, he has definitely played the 360 to its limits.


:rolleyes: :rolleyes:


Just found this amusing.

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In his defense (someone I would never normally defend) I have had DOA4 since its release and I have yet to unlock a single achievement. Yes, I suck that bad. :(


Well, first of all, no defending needed. He is a journalist reviewing a game. They should complete it, right? Or at least play the game online for pete's sake.


BTW all you need to do to unlock a DOA4 achievement is beat one of the 17 story modes. ;)

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Say goodbye to Judgement Day on G4, as this post on Victor Lucas' forums reveals:


Hey Everyone,


Thank you all so much for the continued support! We know you all must be wondering what is going on with Judgment Day. Judgment Day was born when we decided that the most popular segment in our long-running show, The Electric Playground (celebrating 10 years on air in 2006!), needed its own half hour. That segment in EP was called Reviews on the Run. Reviews on the Run is its own show that has been airing in different markets outside of the US for quite some time. Judgment Day was the US version of the show which we created exclusively for G4. As of the new year we have stopped making Judgment Day for G4 but we are continuing to produce episodes of Reviews on Run, which will be airing throughout 2006 and beyond in our current syndication. We will be making some exciting announcements very soon about Reviews on the Run in regards to new increased distribution. We're working to make the show available to everyone that has enjoyed our reviews in the past and to a whole lot more people as well!


Also, new episodes of Electric Playground will start airing this spring on G4 and all of our other networks outside of the US. There's more stuff brewing and it's a bit too soon to talk about everything just yet. Stay tuned for more info and thank you again for your tremendous support and encouragement. If anyone is interested in finding out the latest information on our shows please stop by the http://www.tallarico.com or the http://www.elecplay.com message boards.


All the best.


Vic and Tommy






Thanks for watching Electric Playground, Reviews on the Run and Judgment Day!

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Well, the problem is that these gaming shows that are being cancelled aren't getting good ratings. If Judgement Day or G4TV pulled in better numbers, I'm sure they'd still be on the air. The question is, how long before shows like Icons, Electric Playground, Cinematech, and yes, even X-Play suffer the same fate.


I enjoyed Judgement Day quite a bit, and I'm definitely sorry to see it go. However, I can't fault the network execs for cancelling it if it didn't do well in the ratings. I only wish that they would replace it with something similar rather than another crappy car show or some anime bullshit I have no interest in seeing.

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I'm glad I stumbled on this thread.


I've been debating changing my TV cable from Shaw Cable to the new Telus TV and one reason was I saw in their program listings that they carried this G4 tech/gaming channel. I was definetly interested but hadn't yet done any research on it. What I'm not interested in is another testosterone driven, sex sellin' spike TV clone with reruns of shows that are aired on a half dozen other channels. I want substance and some shows based on computers and computer gaming. It doesn't sound like this would deliver at all.

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