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Pac-Man finals prank

Robot Monkey

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That's brilliant.


Be thankful we have no budget to speak of:




Gah, don't get me started on Space Cadets. I could only stand fifteen minutes of watching an episode before the show became so utterly tedious for those watching at home resulting in a hoax that was neither witty or clever, merely something showing up the stupidity of people these days.... and we have enough Reality TV in the UK doing that already.

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I heard a rumor that the contestants were also in on the hoax


There was an actor or two amongst them posing as a contestant, but no, the actual contestants genuinely were just very naive people taking part. They each ended up with ?25,000 each and the promise of undergoing genuine space training (though obviously without the promise they'll ever be able to go into space). There was a point where viewers were so bored with the whole set up that many were wishing the joke would be on the audience. It probably would have made the whole thing make a little bit more sense.

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