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Generation NEX - Original Nintendo with built in wireless support and more..

Romier S

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IGN posted a review for this unit and gave it some pretty nice marks. The system is only about 60 bucks with the limited edition wireless controllers clocking in at another 60 bucks (with limited edition lunchbox). However the unit itself is pretty slick. It's a little bigger than a cartridge, includes both front and top loading slots, built in wireless support, and it apparently plays all NES games without a hitch. You can take a look a the product page here:


Generation NEX


IGN's review is here:


Generation NEX Review


I may be ordering one after Christmas just for the retro value of it. It definitely tickles my retro fancy.:tu

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The IGN review is totally the reverse of the other 3 reviews I have read for this system (the IGN review is also the only "professional" review). The other reviews rip on the system for its horrible controllers (they really are horrible) and compatibility issues. Some games will play but the colors are badly rendered.


Hopefully, the IGN review is more accurate. The system is selling very well.


BTW, here's one of the negative reviews I read: http://www.vintagecomputing.com/index.php/archives/6

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Cool, thanks for that Camp. I was hoping to get some alternate perspectives on the system since I had a hard time coming up with much in the way of solid reviews for the system other than the IGN one listed above. That definitely makes me evaluate whether or not to spend the cash. Though I may just bite the bullet and spend the cash to do my own review of the system for the site.

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Compatibility list:





As icamp mentions....

"A False Messiah: The Generation NEX Sucks"



The sound on most of the games I’ve tried so far (SMB3, Pinball, River City Ransom, etc.) is off and not accurate (compared to being played on an original NES). The colors, too, on all games seem a little strange. Huge bummer. Also, certain games like the aforementioned River City Ransom do weird stuff when you play them, including messing up the menus, changing colors, and generally not working properly. Castlevania III doesn’t even work at all (just a blank green screen) [boldfaced for Futurevoid's benefit]. I need to test more games with this, but it feels like it would just be a waste of time. So what on earth could have led me to believe that my games would actually work on this console? Oh. Here’s an excerpt from their July 29th, 2005 Press Release:



First off, the included tiny, corded controller is terrible. The buttons are laid out in a slanted pattern (which I hate.. more on that in another entry) and their feel is mushy. No, not “Excellent Official NES Controller Mushy,” but a very bad kind of mushy. And another note about the controller: look at the picture. See those two black buttons above the red ones on the right? Those are the Select and Start buttons. The two in the middle are “Slow” and “Turbo.” Also, the controller has two shoulder buttons like a SNES, except in this case they function like the regular “B” and “A” buttons. All in all, very awkward. Of course, you can plug in your original NES controller to the unit (a must), but I thought I’d mention the pack-in controller, since, after all, it is part of the package.




Apparently it uses the same nes-on-a-chip as the other famiclones. It has the exact same compatibility problems. Reports from cheapassgamer include comments about the Zapper lagging, low sound volume, etc.


For the price, stick with a REAL toploader off ebay IMO - you can chroma mod it to output composite video. Or pick up one of the cheaper Famiclones.


Reports on the controllers vary from very good to hate. Personally I doubt I would like the circular d-pad on the things.


If I wanted to play emulated NES on a wireless SNES-style controller I'd just use my PC. :shrug And none of the KOEI strategy games work :(


I had a toploader and ebayed it. It had lines through the image (common problem) and didn't output composite. I bought a boxy NES with a new pin connector from the local mom 'n pop instead.

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